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Aurelia is another bosses returns in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. This time, a new class Baroness. With that outfit, it is easy to regconize what her specialty is – Ice.

Aurelia The Baroness

Aurelia can suit the “Glass Cannon” streterorytype in Borderlands. Her first skill tree has a big priority on Sniper Rilfe, giving you boost the further you are from the target. Cold Money and Contractual Aristoracy (That’s a pretty solid name btw!) enhance her Ice ability and allow Aurelia to control servants that protect her in combat.

She is pretty unique in term of gameplay if you ask me. Playing her could be a good change after all those classic gun blazing with other classes.

Aurelia Skills Overview

Aurelia Action Skill is Cold as Ice. This summons an Ice shard that constantly dealing Cryo Damage by attached to the enemy’s body. The Shard will jump to the next enemy if the previous host dies. While this may sound like a skill used in a group fight, it is at it’s best when fighting a single strong target.

Below are all three Skill Tree of Aurelia in Borderlands Pre-Sequel and a quick summary of what their focus are

THE HUNTRESSMostly boost Sniper Rifle damage and add bonuses for staying afar.
COLD MONEYAll about freezing. This tree unlock the base stack skills – Avanlache which will constantly boost your Cryo Damage and Free Chance
CONTRACTUAL ARISTORCRACYThe most unique and co-op skill you ever see. This skill tree allows you to have a “servant” which will be one of your allies.

Aurelia Build Guide | Best Aurelia Skills

The below list is only about the best skills in each tree of Aurelia, for a full detail of all her skills, check out this awesome skill builder by lowlidev.

Best Aurelia Skills | The Huntress

  • Markswoman

This is your very first skill to start out with Aurelia. This increase Sniper Damage, combine this with the bonus damage from Cryo Target, you got yourself another 200% Buff.

  • Only The Best

Sniper Rifles always have lower magazine size compare to other guns. This fix that. You also get a bonus to Bullet Speed – which will help you with moving targets.

  • Culling The Herd

Nice bonus for Critical hits.

  • Long-Range Killer

This is what Sniper Rifle is about, staying afar almost become your nature while Sniping.

  • Warning Shot

This shows how much Gearbox Software care about gunplay. Who never miss a sniper shot? This increases all aspect of your next shot, and give it a nice excuse “It was just a Warning Shot!”

  • Silver Lining

Another critical hit related skill. This helps reduces Sniper Rifle reload time and add more DPS.

  • I never miss

This is great for solo play, as you can stack this up multiple times pretty easily. In Co-Op mode, things tend to get a little easier to kill, which may cause this skill to never trigger at all.

  • Magic bullet

A great survival skill, you have a pretty high chance of scoring a Critical Hit with Aurelia. This boosts your healing capacity every time you land that.

  • Large Caliber

This apply to all gun types, and is a great addition to Sniper. You may get free ammo with Silver Lining, reloading slower does not make things go bad.

  • Prudent Prudence

The only defense related skill in this tree. This let you escape the fight quicker if the enemies somehow approach you.

  • Custom Loads

The combination of what we have so far. This add another elemental to your shot (While zooming) Allow you to trigger several effects on shot. The Critical nova is also a nice boosts to damage surrounding enemies.

Best Aurelia Skills | Cold Money

  • Avalanche

This is a must for Aurelia builds. You got bonus for Cryo Damage, and increase Freeze Chance which in turn let you land Critical Hit, which will trigger the bonus from The Huntress tree.

  • Bitter Ripose

A good defense skill for Aurelia, you also got a freeze chance, so you can take out that enemy before he can hurt you.

  • Short Summer

This enhances your Cryo Power, if you somehow decide not to play Cryo as Aurelia, this is not good as it sounds. This boosts your Shield Recharge Rate and reduces Cold as Ice cooldown.

  • Frigid Touch

Another must have skill for Aurelia build. This is one of the few Health Regeneration skill she has.

  • Fragment Rain

Empower your Action Skill with the power to deal cryo damage to nearby enemy, with just one point.

  • Frostbite

If you go down this far. Then you probably aiming for a Cryo Build. This skill alone enhances all of your Cryo Damage so far, making your shot hurt more, and let you pop those shields easier.

  • Cold Advance

You should probably pick all those Critical Damage boost skill. They are good.

  • Polar Vortex

This enhance your Frost Shard and let it deal more Cryo Damage, and it costs 1 point.

  • Winter’s Veil

Another boost for a Cryo Build. This is easy to pick.

  • Wintertide

This turned Aurelia into Mr. Freeze. You are now at the top of the freezing game. Freezing anyone on sight.

Best Aurelia Skills | Contractual Aristocracy

This skill tree has a huge emphasis on Co-Op play. Most involving boosting you and your allies

  • Duchess

This is an easy pick, what not to like about enhancing accuracy? It’s also superb for a solo build.

  • Contractual Obligations

This completely has no effect on solo, you are on your own. It is in this list as you will need this skill to go far down this tree.

In Co-Op, this is a good skill though.

  • Quality Not Quantiy

If you prefer solo play, going down this tree will probably just for this skill. This increase Gun Damage and Fire Rate for an Rare gun – which is pretty easy to get.

  • A Backhand to Remember

This turned your melee in to a Backhand slap. This deal cryo damage and increase your movement speed and reload speed for a short time. At higher Level, you can also freeze enemies with a melee attack.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel | Aurelia Builds

Not a single point in Contractual Aristocracy. The main reason is because the skill tree depends so much on the Servant mechanic, and not directly boost Aurelia’s damage

To start off with this build, you can go with Avalanche in Cold Money Skill Tree. This lets you get used to the stacking mechanic of this skill. Both Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil have the same mechanic, so you only need one point for each of these skills. The full upgrade does not deal significant damage and should be spent on other skills. Aside from that, the remaining skills for Cold Money sync pretty well together.

For The Huntress, both Warning Shot and Wait for it are good with only 1 point. As these are bonuses when you miss a shot. I Never Miss also need only one point of skill as level 5 is not so vastly different.

You will of course pair this build with a Sniper Rifle (Cryo). Below are some good Sniper Rifle for this build

  • Skullmasher
  • Snider

Your secondary gun can either be a shotgun or a SMG.

Check out the community guide for Aurelia best gears

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