Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Build | Handsome Jack Best Builds and Weapons

Handsome Jack is back! This time as a class for your latest adventure to Pandora!

Handsome Jack is one of six playable characters in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Being the master mind of the group, he surely has some tricks up his sleeve.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel | Jack Doppelganger

Just as his class title say. Jack’s specialty is summoning his digital version to fight for him. With the right upgrades, you will get an endless army of Jack that has Kill bonus, increase Jack Damage, and health allies in the process.

Borderlands Jack Skills Overview

Jack’s action skill is Expendable Assets, this is your skill to summon Digi-Jacks. These Digi-Jacks will constantly be summoned as soon as the duration is still there (Maximum 2 at a time)

THE HERO OF THIS STORYAll about Jack and his Digi-Jacks. This branch increase Digi-Jacks abilities and add various bonus for the Jacks
GREATER GOODStill has some bonuses for Digi-Jacks, but most are Kill Skill and provide bonus to Jack’s ability
FREE ENTERPRISEAll about guns damage and offensive capacity, with a nice touch on company bonus…

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Builds Guide | Best Jack Skills

Best Jack Skills | Hero of this story

Best Foot Forward Borderlands
  • Best Foot Forward

This is the very first skill that extends the duration of Digi-Jacks, an easy pick if you ask me.

Just Compensation Borderlands
  • Just Compensation

The magazine size bonus is nice, but the real buff here is the Grenade Damage bonus, you don’t get much of this from skills. However, the more grenade you have, the lower the damage bonus. Basically you get a big blast for the last grenade.

You Have My Shield Borderlands
  • You Have My Shield

Good for sustain Digi-Jack, a one point investment, this is depend on your build.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Builds
  • Take Their Freedom

Pretty solid recovery skill, this restore your HP when Digi-Jacks or you kill an enemy.

  • Jack’s Cache

Another great skill for grenade lover, a little hard to use as you probably don’t throw grenade all the time. Another one point skill, so this is on you.

  • Inspire

If you love Jack so much, you can put one point here. It does nothing, NOTHING at all. I put it here as a tribute for Gearbox Software.

  • Hero Pose

Good pick if you don’t have any other skills to invest on. Boost your shield capacity, recharge rate.

  • Resolute

Good survival skill. This enhances both Jack and his Digi-Jacks.

  • Promote the Ranks

This does sound good on paper, but given the Digi-Jacks will eventually die on it’s own, you don’t get the bonus when the rest spawn. There is only a 33% chance for subsequent Digi-Jacks to be a bad-ass. You can spec out of this skill end game.

Best Jack Skills | Greater Good

  • Integrity

This is the same bonus as Athena’s … At level 5, a 40% Bonus Damage is applied when enemy’s health is below 40%

  • Synergy

At level 5 this give you 30% Damage and 30% Critical Damage – This is a solid kill skill in Borderlands.

  • Teamwork

Good for survival and is also the reason you don’t need to increase your maximum health.

  • Winning

An easy pick if you want more survivability.

  • Believe

Best skill on this branch so far. You got both Weapon Damage and Fire Rate boost

  • Delegation

Help you fight longer.

  • Potential

Good for dealing with enemies with high Shield. You can also summon Jack in Fight for Your Life mode.

  • Leadeship

This is what you aim for in this skill tree. Every Digi-Jacks deaths will be counted as a kill – which will trigger almost anything in this skill tree.

Best Jack Skill | Free Enterprise

Both Incentives and High-Frequency Trading encourage weapon swapping. The further down this tree, you will receive more bonus for swapping weapons.

Compound Interest

Increase damage deal to the target when you swap to another gun.

  • Money is Power

Gain bonus damage every time you pick up money. This can stack up to 999 (0.25% Per Stack)

  • Merger

Good for destroying shield.

  • Sponsored By…

This is basically a boost to all gun types – but better. However, you will need to swap a gun to trigger the bonus. The bonus depends on the company of the last gun you used.

Best Jack Builds

Jack is one of the characters that are great for solo play. Most of this is because of the Digi-Jacks. If you decide to solo Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, Below build is a pretty solid choice

I am the Protagonist

The Hero of This Story >> Greater Good >> Free Enterprise

You start off this build with either Bolster or Best Foot Forward. These skills will extend the duration of your Digi-Jacks and increase their HP, which is enough to support you in early fights.

Both You Have My Shield and Take Their Freedom will secure Digi-Jacks defense. Lean on Me enhance the power of your Digi-Jack. Promote The Ranks is your final goal for this tree.

Greater Good increase the damage of Jack as well as add more Kill Skill bonuses (Movement Speed, Gun Damage, Critical Damage) The final purpose of this tree is to make your Digi-Jacks count for a kill – which is always guarantee every time you summon them.

Free Enterprise should be your last pick for level 50 – 70. All of the skills in this tree work best when you have a lot of guns. You may want to learn swapping out weapon at this time to trigger some bonuses.

The most powerful skill of Free Enterprise is Sponsored By… which require you to know how to switch to the correct weapon at the right time (The bonus will be based on the company of your last weapon)

This builds sync well with the Protagonist Class Mods (COMS) Which will further boost Bolster and Take Their Freedom.

You can also check out with some of the best gears for Jack here

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Builds

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