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Roland The Soldier

One of the four playable characters in Borderlands, Roland The Soldier is a good pick for new players to the series. His skills focus on supporting and summon turret to help you in combat. Roland can excel in both offensive play style and a more laid back support soldier depends on your skill choice.

Borderland Build Guide | The Level Cap

The maximum Level in Borderlands is 69 at the moment. You will need to have all DLCs to get to this level though.

Borderlands Build | Roland Skills Overview

The main Active Skill of Roland is Scorpio Turret, which drops down a Turret with a Shield and automatically attacking enemies. You can also use the Shield as a cover.

Aside from Active Skill, Roland in Borderlands also has three Skill Branch, each with 7 passive skills that enhance your stat and the Scorpio Turret.

INFATRYAttack and Offensive ability (Increase Bullet Damage, Fire Rate & Added more offensive capacity for Turret)
SUPPORTA utility focus Skill branch, you get Shield Recharge Rate boost. Your Scorpio Turret also recharges faster.
MEDICHealth Recovery focus skill branch. The skills are ranging from increase your HP to give you a life-steal on shot (Stat)

Borderlands Build | Roland Best Skills

  • Impact – At Level 5 This skill increase 15% Damage. This stack up with all damage buff from other weapons.

The downside of Impact is that it does not increase the damage from Scorpio Turret, making it is more on the overall boost if you want to play Roland on the offensive.

  • Scattershot

Aside from the damage increase, this also improve the accuracy of shotgun. While it is only for shotgun, it is used in many builds thanks to the power of shotgun in Borderlands. A must have if you prefer the run and gun playstyle.

  • Metal Storm

This skill is another must-have for any Roland builds, it is technically a damage boost with 11% Rate of fire. The Recoil Reduction may seem bad at first, but you will find it is pretty needed in Borderlands.

  • Refire

Except for a build without focus on Scorpio Turret. This skill will need to be maxed out. This let you use Scorpio Turret more often, given more comfortable time in later figth.

  • Deploy

Combine this with Refire and you got yourself a one-two combo for Roland. Again, this is one of the easiest pick if you play Roland “normally” (Using Scorpio Turret more often)

  • Supply Drop

One to be the chad in coop? Maxed out this skill as soon as you got the chance. Borderlands maybe the first looter-shooter, it also introduces the bullet-sponge thing.

In later encounter (Level 50 onward) you will face many bosses that have a ultra-mega HP bar. An endless supply is never a bad thing

  • Aid Station

Another beasty combo with Supply, this is a must-have for a support build. Roland’s Aid Station turn your turret into a healing fountain. Combine this with the cooldown reduction from above skills, you are the ambulance of the team.

  • Overload

+12% Magazine Size per level. This is one of the best ammo boost skill in Borderlands. While it does not directly increase your damage output, this will help when you face those beefy bosses that take age to shoot down.

  • Stat

The ultimatum of the Support Soldier. This allow you and allies to regenerate HP after killing an enemy. This make clearing camps a lot easier when you are with a team. This combines pretty well with Aid Station.

The downside is it is harder end game – where you take much more time to kill enemies.

The above only highlights the best skills for Roland, you can check out his full skill tree here.

If you want to take an overview of all Borderlands Character Skill, check out the builder tool developed by lowlidev in below link

Borderlands Build | Roland Builds

The turret is a novelty
Roland Build Guide Rule #1

Roland is initially designed to focus on the Support side of things, but it does not mean you could not have a powerful DPS build with Roland. He is a “Soldier” after all.

Roland General Solo Build

This build is very easy to pick up. This focuses on Roland’s best skills and can be used generally until the end game. This does not focus on the Offensive side of the Turret (Guided Missile is left out) And all skills are for the Soldier himself. This enhances your survivability and damage (Either Shotgun with Scatter Shot or Assault Rifle)

Your first point of priority is Metal Storm – This skill upgrades all of the capacity of your gun and is a must for all type of guns. After that, you can focus on the Medic Branch for more HP and become a little tankier (Level 25 – 50) The rest of the points is put to Support to reduce the Turret cooldown.

For weapons, if you can pick either Shotgun or Assault Rifle. Assault or Scattershot can then be used depending on your weapon of choice.

The Turret King

This build is only fun early game through, as Scorpio Turret generally serve more in the utility side near the end of the game.

As the name suggest, this maxed out all of your Turret capacity (Guided Missile, Aid Station, Revive) while increase the number of time you used the Turret (Refire + Deploy)

Both Bullet, Metal Storm are maxed out for general damage boost. As you will stick to the turret most of the time, Assault is also maxed out.

Roland Class Mod Builds (COMs Builds)

Class Mods, or COMs (short for Class Optimization Modules), are influential items in Borderlands. They are class specific upgrades that provide benefits to the character (or the entire team) by offering a wide variety of bonuses such as amplifying a character’s damage, healing, increasing character health or shield capacity, reducing reload times, increasing skill ranks, etc. Class mod skill bonuses do stack, even if a specific skill is maxed (5/5), up to a total maximum of 9 ranks in any skill. A skill bonus however will not function unless the character has at least 1 point invested in the specified skill.

Aside from playstyle, Borderlands builds can also centralized on COMs. Below are some community Class Mod builds that are pretty popular

Borderlands Other Builds

Below is a full compilation of Borderlands Builds for all characters (Roland, Mordecai, Lilith & Brick)

Borderlands Build Resources

You can check out community discussion of Roland Builds at the official gearbox software forum here.

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