Borderlands Build – Lilith Build Guide and Build Compilation

Borderlands 1, 2, and Pre-Sequel are now available on Nintendo Switch!

Lilith The Siren

Lilith is very popular way back when Borderlands first release thanks to her Over power skills. Lilith specilize in Crow Control abilities, elemental damage and the ability to traverse the map in Flash speed with her Phasewalking.

Borderland Build Guide | The Level Cap

The maximum Level in Borderlands is 69 at the moment. You will need to have all DLCs to get to this level though.

Borderlands Build | Lilith Skills Overview

Lilith main active Skill is Phasewalk, which turn yourself invisible and increase movement speed. Aside from triggering a Blast upon leaving, your damage will also be increased with the Assassin Skill Branch.

CONTROLLERFocus on crow control ability (Daze – Slowing down enemies speed) Has some minor boost to HP & Shield Regeneration
ELEMENTALEmpower attack and Phase Walk with elemental (Shock, Corrosive, Fire..)
ASSASSINFocus solely on damage and offensive capacity while using Phase Walk

Borderlands Build | Lilith Best Skills

  • Inner Glow

This skill is on the Controller branch, recover your HP during Phasewalk. Lilith is generally weaker in terms of defense compare to Roland or Brick, so you will need this skill early on to get through some of the harder fights.

  • Hard to Get

Almost all Lilith Builds will have this skill. Phasewalk is genrally not used for damage, but more on recovery and utility aspect

  • Mind Games

This is essentially a must for all Lilith Builds, this add a chance to slow down enemies on shooting

  • Quick Silver

Similar to Roland Metal Storm, this is DPS in disguise, compared with a high fire rate gun, this can deal a good amount of damage in a short time.

  • Resilience

This is good on paper, but you don’t find many enemies that have elemental damage during your first playthrough. There are some on subsequent playthrough on higher difficulties though. This depends on your situation and is not a focus on any build

  • Phoenix

You basically release a Fire Blast every time you kill an enemy. This also has a chance to consume no ammo on shots. Fire damage is a great source of DPS.

  • Slayer

Must have for all builds. Damage increase is never hurt!

  • Silent Resolve

This could easily be the best defense skill in Borderlands. This will reduce damage as soon as you exit Phasewalking. However, to use this effectively you will need a good cooldown boost on Phasewalking.

  • Hit & Run

Most players upgrade this skill only for the Phasewalk Duration buff. This is depend on your liking

  • High Velocity

Straight up increase damage.

  • Blackout

In the right build, this skill alone can eleminate the cooldown of Phasewalk completely.

The above only highlights the best skills for Lilith, you can check out her full skill tree here.

If you want to take an overview of all Borderlands Character Skill, check out the builder tool developed by lowlidev in below link

Borderlands Build | Lilith Builds

Lilith is pretty versatile when it comes to DPS build. With Fire Rate boost, you make a SMG build that utilize her mobility and the crow control ability.

If you prefer a slower approach, using a Sniper is also another good option.

Lilith General Solo Build | Lilith SMG Build

This build focus on both survivalibilty and mobility. Diva and Girl Power will enhance your Shield capacity. Inner Glow and Hard to Get provide you an escape way when thing go bad.

Why Mind Games is not maxed out?

The main reason is Lilith is popular with SMG gun instead of other guns. SMG generally has higher fire rate and can still proc that Daze effect easily.

For the Elemental branch, Quicksilver & Phoenix are maxed out to give your ammo a boost.

Slayer, Enforcer & High Velocity is maxed out for the DPS boost. Silent Resolve will help you survive harder fights. The final one is Blackout, which let you use Phasewalk more often.

For weapons, popular SMG like Stinger is a good pick, you can also try out other elemental SMG for a change of pace.

Lilith Class Mod Builds (COMs Builds)

Class Mods, or COMs (short for Class Optimization Modules), are influential items in Borderlands. They are class specific upgrades that provide benefits to the character Class mod skill bonuses do stack, even if a specific skill is maxed (5/5), up to a total maximum of 9 ranks in any skill. A skill bonus however will not function unless the character has at least 1 point invested in the specified skill.

Aside from playstyle, Borderlands builds can also centralized on COMs. Below are some community Class Mod builds that are pretty popular

Borderlands Other Builds

Below is a full compilation of Borderlands Builds for all characters (Roland, Mordecai, Lilith & Brick)

Borderlands Build Resources

You can check out community discussion of Lilith Builds at the official gearbox software forum here.

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