Maneater Organ Guide – All Organ Upgrade Explained

Maneater Organ Evolution List

  • Advanced Sonar
  • Hearty
  • Mineral Digestion
  • Protein Digestion
  • Adrenal Gland
  • Amphibious
  • Reinforce Cartilage
  • Fat Digestion
  • Subliminal Evasion
  • Mutagen Digestion
  • Brutal Muscle

Aside from Evolution Set for the Shark, in Maneater, you can also equip up to three Evolution Organ to gain passive ability. All these organs starting off as level 1 and can be upgraded to tier 5 with Protein/ Mutagen/ Fat/ Mineral.

All Maneater Organs

Advanced Sonar300% Sonar Radious
50% Sonar Cooldown
Hearty600 Max Health
60 Boat Crew Knockback Resistance
Mineral Digestion30% Mineral, Health on Feeding
Protein Digestion30% Protein, Health on Feeding
Adrenal Gland30% Max Speed, Evade Speed, Lunge Speed, Acceleration Bonus and Swim Speed
Amphibious50% Land Speed
125% Survival Time on Land
Reinforce Cartilage 15% Damage Resistance
Fat Digestion30% Fat, Health on Feeding
Subliminal EvasionMake smaller fishes than 90% of the Shark’s size neutral (No Auto Attacking)
Mutagen Digestion30% Mutagen, Health on Feeding
Brutal Muscle 30% Max Speed
30 Tailwhip Damage
30% Acceleration Bonus
30% Tailwhip Force
30% Swim Speed

Advanced Sonar

This organ upgrade your basic Sonar ability.


As the name suggest, this item is for health upgrade only – which can benefit you in almost all situation.

This is also a good upgrade to combine with the Bone Evolution Set – which enhance your defense significantly

Mineral/Protein/Fat/Mutagen Digestion Organ

All these organs allow you to increase the number of the corresponding nutrition that you obtained in-game.

All four Digestion Organ allow you to gain more Health on feeding.

You can pick between these four Organs depends on your current objective of growth.

Adrenal Gland

All about adrenaline, this organ greatly increases everything related to speed. Adrenal Gland is a perfect match for the Bio-Electric Evolution set.


If you want to increase your infamy rank quickly equip this.

Amphibious enhances your time on land, allowing you to wreak more havoc to peoples before escape back to the sea.

Reinforce Cartilage

A quick defense boost. This syncs well with Bone Evolution Set (Damage Reduction)

Subliminal Evasion

Reduce the aggro when you swim past hostile smaller fish. While this don’t have any enhancement to Shark’s stat, it can save you some hassle later game when you don’t want to bother with other smaller fries.

Brutal Muscle

This boost your Tailwhip attack and increase Swimming Speed. You can combine this with Adrenal Gland to have the best output on damage and speed.

Best Organ Set

Below are some good combination of organs set that feature a specific playstyle.

Growing Pup

  • Hearty
  • Advanced Sonar
  • Digestion Organ (Any)

As both Advanced Sonar and Hearty are obtained pretty early in the game, you can equip these two organs together and combine with a Digestion Organ to boost your growth rate.

Speedy Assault

  • Brutal Muscle
  • Adrenal Gland
  • Hearty/ Reinforce Cartilage

This combination enhance the Shark’s base power and increase your max HP. This syncs well with all three Evolution Sets and can be used generally near the end of the game.

Land’s Monster

  • Amphibious
  • Reinforce Cartilage
  • Hearty/ Digestion Organ (any)

This combination syncs well with the Bone Evolution Set. You get a beefy defense and a boost to landing time, allowing you to rack up the infamy rank as fast as possible.

Check out the full Evolution Set of Maneater here

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    You need to note the adrenal gland only kicks in when you’re at 30% health or lower – it’s intended as a defensive boost

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