Maneater Guide – All Apex Predators | How to fight Apex Predators

All 7 Apex Predators in Maneater

  • Apex Barracuda
  • Apex Mako
  • Apex Alligator
  • Apex Hammerhead
  • Apex Great White
  • Apex Orca
  • Apex Sperm Whale

Apex Barracuda

Location – Dead Horse Lake

Barracuda is your very first “boss” in Maneater. This fight occurs around the end of your Pup stage. Apex Barracuda is around the size of the Shark at Teen Stage and is shown as a level 10 Fish. You can fight Apex Barracuda around levels 6 – 8.

Apex Barracuda is pretty fast, but don’t have any special or powerful attacks.

Apex Barracuda mostly serve as an instructional boss for you to experience the first Apex Predator fight. Just remember to occasionally back out and consume fish to regain Health and you are good to go.

Apex Barracuda Rewards

  • Bone Teeth Evolution
  • 750 Protein, Fat & Mineral

Defeat Apex Barracuda will unlock the Bone Teeth Evolution.

Apex Mako

Location – Golden Shore

Apex Mako is slightly bigger than the Teen Stage of the Shark and has a deadlier bite compare to the previous Apex Barracuda.

Apex Mako appeared as a level 15 fish and can attack you on sight. Your ideal level to face this guy is around level 9 – 13. Don’t forget to equip the Bone Teeth, it will give you a slight advantage in this fight.

Apex Mako Reward

  • Bone Fins
  • + 2000 Protein, Fat & Mineral

Apex Alligator

Location – Fawtick Bayou

Apex Alligator can be a challenge if you used to fight with no regard to dodging. This alligator is way bigger than the Adult stage shark and is at Level 15 when you fight him.

Apex Alligator is slower in speed, but has stronger attack and can deal serious damage in a short time. Remember to dodge and back out to consume some other fishes and you are good to go.

Apex Alligator Reward

  • Amphibious Organ Evolution
  • + 2000 Protein, Fat & Mineral

.Amphibious allow you to survive longer on land. This is one of the best organ for racking up experience, as humans provide a lot of nutrition compare to other fish.

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Apex Hammerhead

Location Sapphire Bay

Apex Hammerhead is located in Sapphire Bay, a wider area compare to previous regions in Maneater. You can fight HammerHead comfortably around level 15 – 18 but expect a harder fight compare to Apex Alligator or Apex Mako. Hammerhead is at level 21 when you fight him.

As this is a wider area than the last three regions, you will need to back out once in a while in this fight to regain Health. Hammerhead is pretty fast and has similar attacks to you (He is also a Shark anyway)

Apex Hammerhead Reward

Defeating Hammerhead will reward you with the Bone body and unlock the ability Bone Crusher, combine this with the previous evolution Parts from Apex Mako and Barracuda to get a three pieces bonus on Damage Reduction. You will need it for the next fight

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  • Bone Body
  • 2500 Protein & Fat, 3125 Mineral

Apex Great White

Location – Prosperity Sand

Apex Great White level is 29. This is enough to tell you how powerful he is. Technically, you can face him at around level 20+ onward, but make sure to prepare before facing him. The Bone Evolution parts from previous fight will help, as you will have a bonus to damage reduction.

Apex Great White also has several deadly attack that can take huge amount of your Health in one bite. Check out the below horrible image…

Apex Greatwhite is one of the first foe that can do this to you…

Apex Greatwhite Reward

  • Bone Tail
  • + 3000 Protein, Fat & 3900 Mineral

The Bone Tail is the fourth part of the Bone Evolution Set, provide upgrade to your Tailwhip and increase the Ramming damage.

Apex Orca

Location – Caviar Key

Another powerful enemy you need to face after the Great White. Your best chance to win this fight is after reaching the Elder stage.

Apex Orca also has a “Grapple” attack that keeps you in place while gradually reduce your Health. Don’t underestimate it’s speed though. Despite the size, the Apex Orca is very fast. Equipping evasion boosting part like Bio-Electric is a good choice here.

Don’t pick a fight with a girl!

Apex Orca Reward

  • Bone Head
  • 3500 Protein, 4550 Fat & Mineral

Defeating Apex Orca and you will complete the Bone Evolution set. Make sure to check out the bad ass look of this evolution!

Apex Sperm Whale

Location – The Gulf

Your final boss in the sea. Apex Sperm Whale appear as a Level 60 Apex Predator. After reaching Elder stage and around level 29, you can set off to face this guy. This is the biggest fish you hunt so far, so expecting some challenge compare to all the previous Apex Predators

Apex Sperm Whale Rewards

  • Subliminal Evasion Organ Evolution
  • ~10,000 Protein, Fat & Mineral

Have you face all the Apex Predators in Maneater? If you find any fight harder than expected, make sure to check our Organ Evolution Guide, as well as the best Evolution Set in Maneater for some quick guidance!

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