Maneater Evolution Guide – All Evolution Types and Ability

Maneater is an open-world indie title by developer Tripwire. During your journey to become the biggest-baddest shark in the sea, you will unlock various upgrades, called “evolution”. These evolutions enhance the ability of the shark, as well as let you use special ability. Let’s take a look at all the evolution types and it’s benefit

Maneater All Evolution Types

In Maneater, the Shark can equip various upgrades (Evolution) as you progressing through the game and leveling up. These upgrades are similar to the equipment system in other Action RPG Games. You can upgrade the Sharks Head, Fin, Body, Tail, and Jaw. For equipping two or more parts with the same Evolution set, you can unlock the set bonus as well. Below is a full list of Evolution type in Maneater, and the bonuses for equipping all 5 types of evolution.

BONEDamage Reduction
Thrashing Damage (Biting)
Bone Crusher+ 10 Damage Reduction
BIO-ELECTRICElectric Damage, stun the enemy
Evasion Upgrade
Lighting Burst+ 50% Bio-Electric Damage Bonus
SHADOWPoison Damage, inflict damage over time to enemies
Max Speed Increase
Healing on Bite
Shadow Form10% Max Speed

Maneater Head Evolution

The helmet of the shark, these evolution has a focus on the current Ramming ability of your Shark.

Bone Head

Maneater Bone Head Evolution

This has a big focus on boat assault playstyle. You have bonuses to Ramming Damage, Force and has a boost to Knockback. This also reduces the damage you take. The set bonus

Bio-Electric Head

Maneater Bio-Electric Head

This head evolution let you shoot out an electric shock every time you ram a boat, immobilize it in the process. The Bio-Electric set upgrade work better in a whole compare to other evolution.

Shadow Head

Maneater Shadow Head

The Shadow Head evolution give you more Thrash Damage and increase Lunge Speed. The set bonus straight up increase Max Speed making this evolution suitable for who prefers a powerful speedy build for the shark.

Maneater Body Evolution

The body cover the biggest part of the shark compare to other part like head or fins. These upgrade also let you use the special ability of the specific Evolution set.

Bone body

Bonebody – This is another upgrade from The Bone Set. With this, you also get the Bone Crusher ability, let you perform a full lunge attack and cause big damage to the boat. Aside from the Ram Force bonus, this upgrade also increase damage and Speed on Lunge Attacks

Bio-Electric Body

This lets you use the Lighting Burst ability, which releases a lighting aura and electrocute the surrounding enemies. This body also reduces damage from bullets and other boat devices. Bio-Electric Body also increases your speed in both Lunge and regular Swimming.

Shadow Body

This body allows you to become Shark-Payne – slowing down the surrounding environment while increasing your speed. This evolution also has a focus on Poison damage, which allows you to release a Poison Cloud on lunge attack and set 10 poison counters on Poison when hit. This cloud reduces the speed, defense and attack damage. The enemies will also suffer a 20 Damage/ second (10 counters) and 60 Damage/ Second (30 Counter)

Maneater Fins Evolution

Bone Fins

Bone fins straight up increase your Damage Resistance and increase Ramming Damage. When evade, you will also cause a shockwave to damage nearby enemies (50 Damage) The evasion does not completely reduce all damage though (20% Damage Resistance on Evasion)

Bio-Electric Fins

Your evasion can now inflict stun counters (3) to targets, and your evade speed is increased. As you turn into Lighting during evade, all damage is nullified on evasion.

Shadow Fins

Similar to Shadow Body, you can now release a Poison Cloud when evade, putting a 5 Poison Counters to enemies when hit.

Maneater Tail Evolution

Bone Tail

Bone tail upgrade your tailwhip ability to have more force. The Bone Tail also increase Ramming Damage.

Bio-Electric Tail

Bio-Electric Tail upgrade your Tailwhip to release Lighting Damage and also put a 3 counter to the stun counter.

Shadow Tail

The Shadow Tail upgrade your Tailwhip to release a Poison Ball and inflict 5 poison counter to enemies.

Maneater Jaw Evolution

Bone Teeth

The Bone Teeth has a focus on Thrash Damage, and let you stick to the target more easily. This also has a bonus to Boat.

Bio-Electric Teeth

This is a tool for stun-locking your opponents, the Shock released from the bite put 3 stun counters to the enemies, once this hit 10, the target is stunned. While this is not the best upgrade yet, this can be used in the Teen Stage, which can help you progress faster to the next stage of Shark evolution

Shadow Teeth

The Shadow Teeth gain you the healing ability on bite, turning you into the Vampire Shark of the Sea.

Maneater Best Evolution?

The best evolution depends on the situation. If you are just starting in the game, then using the Bone Evolution set is enough to progress until you unlock other evolution types and parts.

You can always mix and match these evolution part to have yourself the best combination in every situation.

Maneater is an indie title developed by Tripwire studio.

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