MHW Iceborne Monster Guide – Rajang The Destroyer

Rajang is finally here! The Saiyan muscular ape finally makes its way to Hoarfrost Reach. Along with the latest update from Capcom, Rajang is finally here with all of it’s power.

MHW Iceborne Rajang Free Update

Upon entering Iceborne after the large update, you will be prompted with instructions on how to access the Special Assignment to investigate a Kirin in Hoarfrost Reach.

Speak to the Admiral (indicate by the purple exclamation mark) and you will start the first quest to investigate the abnormalities at Hoarfrost Reach.

Iceborne Rajang Quest #1 – Sterling Pride

This is a big call back to the classic math in Monster Hunter Online

While this quest may be a quick introduction to the power of the Ape monster, this Kirin is still very powerful. Make sure you have some gears that can protect you from those lighting strikes. As usual, any weapon with Fire element is one of the option to fight the Lighting Unicorn

After defeating Kirin, return to your base and proceed with the next special assignment.

Iceborne Rajang Quest #2 – Reveal Thyself, Destroyer

Make sure you have a nice meal before departing on the quest! This is similar to other special quests where you can’t have meal as soon as the quest start.

After another powerful scene introducing a new area in the Guiding Land and one of the most unicorn abusive footage ever, you will be off to face that muscular ape.

Rajang vs Kirin Iceborne
Oh poor Kirin (laughing maniacally)

Iceborne Rajang Moveset and Guide

Rajang Moveset

Despite it’s bulky frame and huge bicep, Rajang is very speedy. He can quickly go out of sight and give you a surprise with his rolling slam attack.

  • Wide Sweep – He will swing his arm widely in front, this can knock you down and deal moderate damage

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  • Lunging 360 Sweep – Lunge forward and perform a sweep attack

[gfycat data_id=”watchfuldeliriousangelwingmussel”]

  • Rolling Slam – Occasionally, when you are far away, he will jump to the air and perform a rolling slam right at your location.

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  • Pindown Attack – Lunge forward while grabbing the target. This is a grab attack that locks you in place and ends up with Rajan flexing its muscle and deliver a powerful slam with it’s forelimbs (Hand)
  • Lighting Beam – The Iconic move of Rajang, a deadly lighting beam straight out of it’s mouth. This is another one-shot move if you are not careful.

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Your first priority at the beginning of the fight is to land that Flinch Shot as soon as you can. To do this, make sure you picked some rock or Red Pit along the way to the volcanic area. As Rajang is pretty easy to enter the enraged stage, try to get a Flinch Shot and give him some damage as soon as possible.

He will shortly enter rage mode after the first Flinch shot, and here, the fight with the real Rajang start.

During Rage Mode, Rajang will be faster and his attack deliver more damage. The Slam Attack will expand the radius with the lighting elements. This can one-shot you if your defense is not on par. Below is his moveset during this stage

  • Rolling Slam Attack (Upgraded) This cover further distance and deal more damage
  • Wild Swing (Upgraded) – Faster and more hits
  • Two sweep combo finish by a body slam – This can be considered as his 360-degree attack, as it’s cover a wide area around him

[gfycat data_id=”elaborateglitteringgalapagosdove”]

The fight can be frustrated at first due to his mobility and powerful attack. Make sure you used all your advantages in this fight!

During his enrage stage, he will also use the Lighting Beam attack more often. Finally, near the end, his hand will grow red, and cause all of your attacks to bounce!

During the enrage stage, you can focus on Rajang’s tail to turn him back to normal.

Rajang Guide & Tips

Rajang is weak to Ice – Your previous fight with Velkhana will net you some benefit here
  • Shock Trap has an effect only when Rajang is not rage. If you want to pin him down for a brief moment, do it when he is in his normal state (Yellow Eye Icon)
  • During his rage mode, Pitfall Trap can lock him down
  • When your teammates are pinned down by his grab, you can save him/her by flashing!
  • The Lighting Beam is a straight forward attack, you can dodge this by staying to his side
  • You cannot grapple directly to Rajang’s head (This is briefly explained after the quest)
  • When you aim for the head, the hunter will grapple on to his forelimb. You can still Flinch Shot Rajang from this position though!

Rajang Weapons

Similar to Deviljho, Rajang will have it’s own weapon tree and has two upgrades for each type of weapon. Below are the 14 base weapons that you can get after a Rajang or twice.

Rajang Armor

For Armor, this is one hell of a set! I personally don’t like the design (But the beta variance do seem better!) But the armor skill is definitely a blast!

Rajang Alpha Armor

The Alpha variance, as usual, provides more armor skills. This time, you got all the thing you need for a sharpness enhancement build. With full Alpha set, you will get Handicraft Level 5 along with Protective Polish (4 x Rajang Armors)

This set also has a maximum Level 5 Resentment – which can help to give you more damage if you don’t have Health Augment just yet.

Adding to the mix is the Weakness Exploit level 3 and Mind Eye. This will definitely help a lot player to step up the game for Master Rank Tempered Monsters.

Rajang Beta Armor

The Beta variance trade-off the Handicraft completely for jewel slot. However, you can still get Weakness Exploit Level 3 with just the helm and the waist armor. If you already had some build with Critical Eye but no Weakness Exploit, this is a no -brainer combination.


As promised, Capcom delivered just another content-rich update and one of the most hyped monster in the series. Have you faced the destroyer Rajang in the Guiding Land of Iceborne? Let us know below!

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