MHW Iceborne Monsters Guide – Seething Bazelgeuse

You read that right. “That” monster got subspecies as well

**Flashback Intensifies**

Is it a plane? Is it a bird?…

Seething Bazelgeuse

Yeah, just like that beast was never angry before…

At first, you don’t see much different aside from the more focus on the orange color on Bazelgeuse. You will first encounter this monster in an investigation quest during the story of Iceborne.

And as soon as you start the fight, you will know why this guy is “seething”.

Seething Bazelgeuse Guide

Seething Bazelgeuse is weak to Ice

I personally don’t have any “easy” tips to fight this guy. He is still the angry flying-bomb-dropping-guy that love to charge you with it’s gigantic body.

This time, the Seething Bazelgeuse got a new charging move that covers a longer distance.

Is he still dropping explosive bombs?

Yes, with a twist.

As the hunt progress, his scale (or bombs) will glow bright blue instead of the classic orange. This is when the trouble starts, he will fire out blue sticky bombs that has a wider explosion radius!

His ultimate move is when he performed the helicopter move. Yes, he got an upgrade in the engine section. He is the reincarnation of the war.

After spinning 360 degrees and shoot out blue sticky bombs all over the place, he will finish it off with a super monster landing and deliver a big explosion. At the end of this, he will return to his “normal” form.

Given you survive after this, try attacking his tails and chest. Just like the original Bazelgeuse, this new subspecies has soft skin and you can deal good damage on almost all of his part.

Flash Pod still work when he starts to fly and start dropping bombs. But the stun is way shorter than original. This is to prevent you from abusing the Flash Pod.

Finishing him off will net you the materials for another cool looking armor

Seething Bazelgeuse Armor

It’s a let down to see Seething Bazelgeuse doesn’t get any new update to the special armor skill. You still get Guts – Prevent you to die from a hit when your HP is above a threshold.

But in compensating for this, Bazel Armor provides 770 Defense and a huge boost to Fire Resistance.

Seething Bazel Alpha

  • Earplugs Level 5
  • Critical Draw Level 3
  • Blast Resistance Level 2
  • Blast Attack Level 2
  • Guard Level 2
  • Bombardier Level 2
  • Jump Master Level 1

Seething Bazel Beta

  • Earplugs Level 3
  • Critical Draw Level 2
  • Blast Attack Level 1
  • Guard Level 2
  • Bombardier Level 2
  • Jump Master Level 1

The Seething Bazel Alpha Armor is definitely a good pick for a Sword and Shield Blast build. This is a call back to the original Monster Hunter World.

I did make an SnS build using Bazelgeuse Armor before!

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