FREE Playstation Plus Games – March 2018

Another month passed by, while new games release is upon us, don’t forget to pick up some free titles from PlayStation Plus.

February titles are still around, Get them now!

FREE Playstation Plus Titles – February 2018

Life always has its up and down, so as the titles PlayStation Plus offers each month, and March is a big surprise for our gamer out there as one of the biggest PS4 exclusive titles is available for download. First off let’s check out the normal list for each region

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Bloodborne PS Plus.jpg

Bloodborne – A name that not in need of any more explanation – a Soul Style Action-RPG game developed by the From Software. This exclusive gives other platform something to consider buying a PS4 just to experience the nail-biting but rewarding combat experience.

Say goodbye to the classic slow pace combat of Dark Souls in favour of a more refining system where each successful hit recover a fraction of your lost health (for a period of time) encouraging aggressive attacking manuever and tactics. I could go on and on for this gem, so let’s just pick this up as it’s free now 🙂

Don’t have PS Plus but in need of this game?

BloodBorne Complete Edition AMZ.jpg

Bloodborne Collector Edition

Bloodborne Game of the Year AMZ.jpg

BloodBorne Game of the Year edition

Rachet & Clank Ethugamer PS Plus.jpg

Our runner-up is Rachet & Clank – a remake of the classic Shoot-em-up PS2 titles – which happen to have a CG movie itself right after release! Take the role of Rachet, a promising technician with an adventurous heart to journey across the galaxy with his robot friend while blasting up baddies with his high tech guns and gadgets.

Rachet & Clank Bundle AMZ.jpg

PS4 hits Bundles

Legend of Kay PS3

As usual, other Sony systems also have some gifts, here is the full list for your reference


  • Legend of Kay
  • Mighty No. 9

PS Vita

  • Claire: Extended Cut
  • Bombing Busters


Don’t worry yet, ASIA Region still get BloodBorne, but Rachet & Clank is replaced by an interesting name.

Garou PS Plus.jpg

Garou Mark of the Wolves – The spin-off 2D fighting game come from the developer of King of Fighters. First release in 1999, this spin-off still earn a position in fighting games community, this title was re-released in 2016 for all consoles at that time and now is free for you to pick up! Invite a friend and enjoy some classic match.

For PS3, Darkness II replaced Legend of Kay, while Bombing Buster remains the same for Vita and PS4 players. Last but not least, PS Plus Asia offers a free Monster Hunter: World theme for subscribers, a sweet gift for our hunters out there.

PS Plus asia gift.JPG

For more detail, drop a visit here

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