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Monster Hunter World – Morphin Time!

First appear in Monster Hunter 4 – one of the most critically acclaim version of Monster Hunter. Charge Blade joins the weapons list as a technical weapons, capable of transform between two types of weapon: Sword & Shield (SnS) and Axe – similar to Switch Axe

Guide 5

Monster Hunter World – Jungle Warriors

One of the very first weapon in Monster Hunter, this classic combination has been around for 14 years. Return to Monster Hunter World, this weapon keeps all the unique traits while adding some cool addition in moveset

Guide 3

Monster Hunter World – Spirits, come to my blade!

This Odachi-like weapon first appearance can be traced back to the very first Monster Hunter title, being a cosmetically different Great Sword. This only earned its position since Monster Hunter 2, where it officially become a main weapon in the series with moveset and abilities. Nimble and deadly, this weapon has been famous for it’s “Sprit Combo” since then.