Elden Ring Incantations – Death Lightning

Elden RingDeath Lightning image

Death Lightning

Death Lightning Requirement

Intelligence: 0
Faith: 47
Arcane: 0

Death Lightning Effects

Strikes surroundings with storm of death lightning

Death Lightning FP Cost & Slot
FP : FP Cost 28
Slot: Slots Used 2

Incantation that channels the power of the ancient dragon
Fortissax, now corrupted by Death.

Strikes surroundings with a storm of Death lightning.
Inflicts Death blight upon foes.
Charging extends duration of the storm.

It said that this golden lightning was wielded by Godwyn, who

befriended Fortissax.

Death Lightning is a Dragon Cult Incantations Magic Spells in Elden Ring. Death Lightning cost FP Cost 28 to cast and require Slots Used 2

Death Lightning – Strikes surroundings with storm of death lightning

Elden Ring Death Lightning Location

Defeat Fortissax and Trade Remembrance of the Lichdragon with Enia at Roundtable Hold

Elden Ring Death Lightning Guides

Stamina Cost: 32

Gravel Stone Seal can boosts this Incantation.

Deals lightning damage

Inflicts Death Blight buildup on opponents with both lightning (50) and lingering clouds (30 per tick).

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