Elden Ring Straight Swords – Sword of St Trina

Elden Ring Sword of St Trina image

Sword of St Trina

Sword of St Trina Requirement

Str: 10
Dex: 12
Int: 14

Sword of St Trina Scaling

Str: D
Dex: D
Int: E

Sword of St Trina Attack & Guard
Phy: 107
Mag: 32
Fire: 0
Ligt: 0
Holy: 0
Crit: 100
Phy: 39
Mag: 33
Fire: 27
Ligt: 27
Holy: 27
Boost: 28

Sword of St Trina is a Straight Sword in Elden Ring. Sword of St Trina has Standard Damage Type and come with the skill Mists of Slumber

Silver sword carried by clerics of St. Trina. Inflicts sleep ailment upon foes.St. Trina is an enigmatic figure. Some say she is a comely young girl, others are sure he is a boy. The only certainty is that their appearance was as sudden as their disappearance.

Elden Ring Sword of St Trina Location

The Sword of St Trina weapon can be found In the Forsaken Ruins, near the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace, behind an Imp Seal requiring one Stonesword Key.

Sword of St Trina  can easily be obtained early game if you are following an Intelligence build. With Rock Sling, you can stand in a safe area near the site of grace and snipe the enemy from afar.

Elden Ring Sword of St Trina Guide

WeaponSkill: Mists of Slumber

This weapon cannot be infused with Ashes of War.

Can’t be enchanted with Magic nor boosted by Consumables.

The Sword of St Trinacan be upgraded by using Somber Smithing Stones

Causes Sleep Buildup: (66)

Sword of St Trina is generally good early game, but due to the focus on Sleep build up – there are not many Elden Ring builds that utilize this Straight Sword.

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