Elden Ring Greatswords – Golden Order Greatsword

Elden RingGolden Order Greatsword image

Golden Order Greatsword

Golden Order Greatsword Requirement

Str: 16
Dex: 21
Fai: 28

Golden Order Greatsword Scaling

Str: E
Dex: D
Fai: C

Golden Order Greatsword Attack & Guard
Phy: 86
Mag: 0
Fire: 0
Ligt: 0
Holy: 103
Crit: 100
Phy: 55
Mag: 30
Fire: 30
Ligt: 30
Holy: 60
Boost: 42

Golden Order Greatsword is a Greatsword in Elden Ring. Golden Order Greatsword has Standard Damage Type and come with the skill Establish Order

Greatsword made of light, modeled after the Elden Ring itself.Forged by King Consort Radagon to proudly symbolize the tenets of the Golden Order.One of the legendary armaments.Telltale signs betray that this was once the greatsword bequeathed to him by his first wife, Rennala.

Elden Ring Golden Order Greatsword Location

The Golden Order Greatsword weapon can be found at the following location:Dropped byMisbegotten Crusaderin theCave of the Forlorn. [Elden Ring Map here]

Elden Ring Golden Order Greatsword Guide

WeaponSkill:Establish Order

This weapon cannot be infused withAshes of War

Cannot be enchanted withMagicnor buffed byConsumables

Golden Order Greatswordcan be upgraded by usingSomber Smithing Stones

Deals +20% damage toUndeadtype enemies and preventsSkeletonsfrom reviving

Sell Value:500

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