Elden Ring Greatswords – Sword of Milos

Elden RingSword of Milos image

Sword of Milos

Sword of Milos Requirement

Str: 15
Dex: 19

Sword of Milos Scaling

Str: D
Dex: D

Sword of Milos Attack & Guard
Phy: 141
Mag: 0
Fire: 0
Ligt: 0
Holy: 0
Crit: 100
Phy: 68
Mag: 36
Fire: 36
Ligt: 36
Holy: 36
Boost: 44

Sword of Milos is a Greatsword in Elden Ring. Sword of Milos has Standard Damage Type and come with the skill Shriek of Milos

Sinister greatsword fashioned from a giant’s backbone.Metes out wounds like a lopsided saw-blade, and restores some FP upon defeating an enemy.Milos was undersized for a giant, and was viewed as sullied and terribly grotesque.

Elden Ring Sword of Milos Location and How to find Sword of Milos

Sword of Milos can only be obtained by killing Dung Eater. You cannot get this weapon if you decide to complete his questline.

He can be found at Subterranean Shunning-Grounds and his corporeal body in Sewer Gaol will also drop this weapon

Elden Ring Sword of Milos Guide

Weapon Skill: Shriek of Milos

Restores 5 FP whenever you kill an Enemy(will show Ancestral Spirit’s Horn icon below HP bar)

Can’t be enchanted, can’t be infused

Sword of Milos can be upgraded by using Somber Smithing Stones

This weapon has same R2 shared with Death’s Poker, an upward diagonal slash starting from the lower right side. Charging the R2 attack will cause your character to move forward before delivering the attack (similar to attacks empowered by the War Cry ash of war)

Pairs well with Blasphemous Blade for HP recovery and alternative damage with a ranged attack

Causes Blood loss Buildup: (55)

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