My playthrough of Anthem demo is via PlayStation 4 – Hence the control here is based on Dualshock Controller layout.

Anthem Interceptor Guide

This is my second Javelin guide on Anthem. The first javelin I covered was Ranger. During the demo, the drop rates are actually pretty random (Meaning it was not geared toward the current Javelin you played, but are spread over all of the Javelins) While playing Ranger, I picked up several abilities of Anthem Storm, Colossus and Interceptor as well.

Anthem Interceptor maneuvers

The controller layout can easily be accessed via Anthem menu. But remember as a pilot, there are a couple of things you may want to utilize when controlling your Javelins.

Four types of Javelins in Anthem can all fly, hovering and dashing (not you Colossus) but depend on your type of Javelin, there will be some difference in term of mobility.


  • Flying  –  As we already seen in trailers and demo. Javelin exosuit allow freelancers to fly (for a period of time before its overheating) After jump up, pressing L3 will allow you to fly off follow the direction of the right analog stick. It may take some time to get used to this type of control, It is pretty intuitive when you get used to it and become the Ironman of Anthem universe.

L3 (Control by Right Analog Stick)

  • Hovering – It did take me a while to know the right button to trigger this. If you press R3 instead of L3 midair, you will then hovering using Javelin jet engine. This produces lighter heat and allows you to quickly gain the advantage over a group of enemies. Learning to properly use Hovering or flying is your first step to becoming the best pilot.


  • Dashing – On the ground, Interceptor can perform a quick dash in any direction. This is almost the same as Ranger

PlayStation 4 Circle(Both ground and Airborne)

Interceptor Special Traits

  • The Triple Dash

PlayStation 4 Circle(hold)

The first powerup of the Interceptor allow you to do a megaman-like dashing not once, but three times!

  • The Triple Jump

x 3

With the help of the lighter weight frame, Interceptor can utilize the jet engine one more time (As all Javelins are capable of Double Jump) and trigger the third jump. Interceptor jump also cover a wider distance compare to its peer.

  • Melee Attack (Detonator)

Playstation 4 Triangle(Pressing this when airborne will result in a spiral downward attack)

This is the iconic arsernal of Anthem Interceptor – Bladed Daggers. 

Interceptor System Guide 

Interceptor Assault System 

Being a ninja-look-like fighter. You probably guess if Interceptor has any use for the classic shuriken projectiles. The answer is yes.

During the demo, I started things off with Seeker Glaive – a simple but effective shooting star that automatically finds the closest target. Later on, I switched to Cryo Glaive – the very same projectile, but empowered with the ice element, inflicting freezing effect to the enemies. This is also a Primer ability – Your starter for Anthem combo system.

Below are what you will see in the full game (probably later expanded)


  • Seeking Glaive – Inspired by the ninja. This projectile will seek out the nearest enemies.
  • Acid Bomb  – Poison Explosion. Damage over time, period. (Primer)
  • Cryo Glaive – Projectiles that can freeze enemies on impact. (Primer) 
  • Cluster Mine –Throw out multiples bombs that detonate when enemies step on it.
  • Spark Dash – The interceptor gathers strength, charge upon the target. Damaging everything on the path (Detonator)

Interceptor Strike System 

There are some room for improvement here. When I hear “Strike”, my impression is something more personal – some flashy moves directly to the target. But here, most of the abilities are from afar, which is quite similar to the Assault system.

  • Star Strike – This is like Mark of the Assasin in the Dragon Age series. Mark an enemy, after some time, this mark will explode dealing damage. If the enemy is killed before the time end, the damage will increase.
  • Plasma Star – Upgraded version of shuriken.
  • Nova Strike – “Shoot” out a doppelganger that will attack anyone it comes to contact with.
  • Tempest Strike – Powerful strike to a single target that causing stun to small enemies (Detonator)
  • Venom Spray – Again, when all things said and done, just add poison to the mix (Primer)

Anthem Interceptor Combo

How to do combo in Anthem


You or teammates using a Primer Ability.  From that point, you will need to “Detonate” the targer with any Detonator abilities.  This will result in a big-easy-to-see COMBO text on screen. Mastering the combo system is your best

While these Primer abilities can apply elemental status effects on enemies (The classic Freeze/Burn/Electrocute/Poison), not all elemental status effect ability are Primer abilities. Your best bet should be on the icon next to each ability.Th


Last time, we performed a 1-2 Combo with Ranger. For Interceptor, my Assault System was Cryo Glaive. After deplepting the shield on that Scar, I inflicted Cryo Glaive with   and then simply follow up with Interceptor melee combo using Playstation 4 Triangle

This is because Bladed Daggers of Interceptor is naturally a Detonator capable attack (This is the same for both Storm and Colossus, with the exception of Ranger) This also highlight the capability of Interceptor melee attacks. Just imagine this in another scenario – Storm’s Blast or Ranger’s Frost Grenade causing freeze to an area, and you simply ran down those flashy combos on the enemies one after another.

Notes: We triggered Aura – Ice right after the combo. This is the special combo effect of Interceptor, this will pass the status effect of the current target to the closest enemy.

Interceptor Support System

Target Beacon

Toss out a mark to a target, increase allied damage toward the target.

Rally Cry

Remove all abnormal status effects to you and allies.

Interceptor Ultimate Ability

Greatly enhance Interceptor close combat attacks. This ultimate make Interceptors stand out as the highest DPS class in melee range. With the lightning-fast attacks, you can make

Anthem Interceptor Sample Build

With the vast world of loot, What are the best tools for Interceptor?

There will be a lot of changes when Anthem finally released on February 22, 2019, but we already got an impression on what Interceptor is capable of. If you decide to pick Interceptor as your main Javelin for Anthem, consider picking up components that strengthen Interceptor melee capability.

Don’t forget Interceptor’s Target Beacon. Marking the right target and using the appropriate weapons, you can deliver the highest attack to that VIP target. This support ability making Sniper Rifle or Maskman Rifle (A slower rifle with higher damage compare to Assault Rifles) become a natural choice for Interceptor.

For Anthem Combo system, you can safely start with Cryo Glaive – ice shuriken. With the short cooldown, you can quickly inflict that Primer startup and perform a triple dash to deliver the finishing blow with your Bladed Daggers. Finally, don’t forget to slot in a Strike System that allows you to also deliver the Detonator after your teammates already inflicting the Primer, your best option for this is Tempest Strike – current only Detonator Strike System.


  • Maskman Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle

Assault System

  • Cryo Glaive

Strike System

  • Nova Strike

Support System

  • Target Beacon


  • Armor Reinforcement
  • Components that increase maskman rifle damage or Sniper Rifle Damage.
  • Melee Component


Bearing the traditional from classic Bioware titles, the Interceptor Javelin is a tribute to those Rogue class in classic Bioware Titles. Adding technology and some eye-candy movement, we have ourselves the most efficient close-combat fighter in Anthem. Beware though, as speed is Interceptor greatest strength, it does not bear the beefy defense of the Colossus, while battling away those Scars and gruesome creatures, make sure you escape harm right on time with those Triple Dash and Jump before getting back to the heat of battle.

We will revisit this build once the game is released on February 22, 2019.


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