God of War

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God of War – Fighting the Ultimate Foe

So we took out eight Valkyries in my last post - God of War – Valkyries and How to fight them. Completing that is not a minor task, but by fighting them, Kratos & Atreus also had the chance to venture to the Valkyrie questline with the information from Mimir and the Valkyries you fought.…

God of War – Valkyries and How to fight them

God of War – Niflheim – The Realm of Fog


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NIOH – BUILDS – The Man with the Guardian Spirits – Living Weapon

At the beginning, Living Weapon often associate with Kusarigama and the infamous “Blade Spin” skill. However, after the nerf from Koei Tecmo, that build has been faded for a while, after some careful testing by players, Odachi came up as a viable weapon – if not best for Living Weapon. This is also because of the speed increase in Living Weapon for Odachi, as well as Moonlit Snow can be used even in LW mode.

NIOH – BUILDS- Moonlight Swordsman – Odachi

Nioh – Raining Ronin – Sword Build