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This isn’t a game. This is the place the game comes to learn. This is the place the present can’t catch. Where next gets known and the ball decides your fate. From the blacktop to the hardwood and throughout the Neighborhood, NBA 2K20 and its next level features are the closest thing to actually playing in the league.

This isn’t a game.

This is the place everything else follows.

Welcome to the Next.

Developer: 2K Games

Publisher: Visual Concepts

Developer: 2K Sports

NBA 2K20 Release Date

Nintendo Switch

WORLD – Sep 06, 2019

Xbox One

WORLD – Sep 06, 2019

PlayStation 4

WORLD – Sep 06, 2019

PC (Microsoft Windows)

WORLD – Sep 06, 2019

NA – Sep 05, 2019

Google Stadia

WORLD – Nov 29, 2019

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