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Gather your party and get ready for a new, back-to-the-roots RPG adventure! Discuss your decisions with companions; fight foes in turn-based combat; explore an open world and interact with everything and everyone you see. Join up with a friend to play online in co-op and make your own adventures with the powerful RPG toolkit.

Divinity: Original Sin is a game that gives you a lot of freedom and plenty of gameplay mechanics to use or abuse. The game’s epic story may drive you toward your ultimate end-goal, but how you get there is entirely up to you.

Or up to you and a friend, because Divinity: Original Sin can be played completely cooperatively, and features both online and local drop-in/drop-out multiplayer. Great adventures become even greater when shared with a trusted comrade-in-arms!

Developer: Larian Studios

Divinity: Original Sin Release Date

PC (Microsoft Windows)

WORLD – Jun 30, 2014


NA – Jun 30, 2014

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