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Bravely Default follows the story of main character Tiz, a humble shepherd and the lone survivor of a cataclysmic event, as he joins a group of loyal companions on a journey to restore balance to the world. The battle system is what differentiates Bravely Default from other RPGs. Here players can strategically choose when to initiate two complementary commands: Brave and Default. This innovative system encourages players to think carefully about strategy during every enemy encounter. Selecting “Brave” lets players increase the number of actions a character can take in a turn, while “Default” allows players to store actions for later use.

Developer: Nintendo

Developer: Square Enix

Publisher: Silicon Studio

Bravely Default Release Date

Nintendo 3DS

EUR – Dec 06, 2013

AU – Dec 07, 2013

JP – Dec 05, 2013

NA – Feb 06, 2014

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