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As the direct prequel of the critically acclaimed console title Assassin’s Creed, discover more of the story of Altaïr as he must find “the chalice,” an object of such power that whoever is in possession of it can end the Crusades.

Altair will explore a fully realized 3D world traveling through four cities of the Crusade’s Middle East. The game will feature acrobatic moves and exhilarating combo attacks that mix both sword skills and kicks.

The setting is 1190 AD. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You, Altaïr, intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict.

• Be an Assassin

Master the skills, tactics, and weapons of history’s deadliest and most secretive clan of warriors.

• Action-platforming Gameplay

Fast-paced action features swordfights, combo attacks and acrobatic moves that journey through historical 3D environments

• Choose Your Weapon

Learn and master 11 weapons for both close combat and long-range attacks, featuring five swords, varying types of daggers, explosives and a grappling hook

• Immersive Storyline

A deep and compelling storyline that will appeal to those who have both played the console title or are new to the franchise

• Touch-Screen Mini-games

Players will be able to use the Stylus to perform pickpocket maneuvers to carefully steal precious items from the crowd and make informants speak

• Upgrade and Rank Up

Collecting orbs will upgrade Altair’s health and weapons

The game is no longer available for iOS and Android.

Publisher: Gameloft

Developer: Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles Release Date


WORLD – Apr 23, 2009

Windows Phone

WORLD – Nov 11, 2010

Nintendo DS

NA – Feb 05, 2008

AU – Apr 03, 2008

EUR – Apr 11, 2008

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