Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword

Great Sword, Hammer & Lance are the trio that exist since the dawn of Monster Hunter series. Despite it’s simple move set (Charge >> Release >> Roll ) Great Sword still manage to get many quality of life updates with each new Monster Hunter title.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Great Sword got a new tool to enhances it’s mobility – A thing that used to be Great Sword’s disadvantages.

Charged SlashGreat Sword classic attack move
You have three level of Charge Slash.
Release the Attack button at the right time to boost the damage
Wide Sweep A Giant sweep using the Great Sword
Great for clearing monster and can be a quick cancel mid combo
TackleA quick way to move through charge level
If you press A during a Charged slash, you can cancel that Charge and continue to level up your Charge level
This can stun monster!
Plunging ThrustA big thrust using your Great Sword while airborne.
Hunting EdgeLeap forward while delivering a Rolling Slash.
Great for close in the distance, but require some good aiming
Power SheatheDash forward, sheath your Great Sword, and boost your damage.
No big animation, but this can be combined with builds that allow you to utilize the quick sheath animation.
Adamant Charged SlashInterchangeable with Hunting Edge
Dash forward and deliver a Strong Charged Slash
Immune to knockback
Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Quick Guide

Great Sword Control in Monster Hunter Rise

If you want to pick a weapon with not many button to remember, but still deliver some serious damage. Great Sword is your pal.

The Great Sword’s control is straight forward, X for Overhead Slash, hold X + Directional button for Charged Slash. Release X at the right time for maximum damage.

There are some small tweaks to Great Sword’s Control in Monster Hunter Rise (Leaping Wide Slash, Plunging Thrust…) but overall, if you decide to main Great Sword in Monster Hunter Rise, knowing how to land a True Charged Slash is enough.

Great Sword Control Monster Hunter Rise

Great Sword Silkbind Attacks | Monster Hunter Rise

  • Hunting Edge – A Leaping attack that allows you to follow up with X or ZR. Great for close in and deliver some surprise damage.
  • Power Sheathe – Quickly move forward and sheathe your weapon. Boost your attack power for a period of time.
  • Adamant Charged Slash – A Switch skill that allow you to ignore knockback while deliver a Strong Charge Slash.

Great Sword Playstyle & Combo in Monster Hunter Rise

For Great Sword, you don’t have many button to remember, as Great Sword attacks are consist of slow and powerful strike. The main goal is to land as many Charged Slash as possible!

  • Charged Slash >> True Charged Slash Combo

This is the original way to get to True Charged Slash. Best used on downed/ trapped monsters.

  • Charged Slash >> Tackle >> True Charge Slash

You can cancel the current charge by pressing A during Charged Slash. This can be used when you are in need for a quick True Charged Slash.
  • Power Sheathe >> (Any Combo)

Power Sheath let you quickly close in and boost your attack, making it’s a great boost for initiating a fight. In the above clips, Izuchi got Knocked down with a simple attack after the boost from Power Sheath.

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