Minecraft Dungeons | How to get Powerful Enchantments?

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Powerful Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons

Powerful Enchantment

As soon as you reach Adventure Difficulty, all of your gears will have a chance to come with Powerful enchantments – which are new enchantments that have a slightly more powerful effect compared to the previous enchantments.

In my opinion, these are good for mix maxing your Build. There are very few of them that are good on their own.

How to upgrade Powerful Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons

The upgrade cost for Powerful Enchantments are also higher compare to the 6 points for Enchantment. To maximize a Powerful Enchantments, you will need 9 Enchantments Point.

All Powerful Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons

Below is the list of all Powerful enchantment (This list will be updated as soon as I find new one, this

Critical Hit

This increase the chance to deal critical hit that deal triple damage (20% At level 3)

This is pretty common after you reach Adventure difficulty. Critical Hit can give you a super powerful attack but is best used on fast-hitting weapon like Dual Dagger, Sickles or Gloves

Gravity Pulse

This will draw all enemies toward you every five seconds. Unless you have a super-powerful melee build or some kind of Blast ability. I don’t think this is a good idea at all.


Provide an aura that slow down attack speed of enemies (Up to 60% at level 3)

This aura can be pretty powerful with the right build. The slowness effect can give you a competitive edge in later fight.


Has a chance to emit a powerful recovery blast that restore your health and nearby allies.

20% is pretty decent in my opinion, in faster attack speed weapon, this can almost guarantee you a potion boost when situation get hairy. However, don’t use this on weapons like Hammer or Knife, as the attack speed of these weapon can give you a hard time triggering this blast.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcane Master Build Guide – This build featuring Radiance as the main recovery tool for the build.


Enemies that you defeated will explode every time they die, dealing a percentage of their HP as damage to nearby enemies.

This sound pretty powerful at first glance, I haven’t found any real use for this, as the damage is actually pretty low. How many enemies that has a good HP pool that can deal significant damage?


This pull enemies toward the weapon’s impact point.

This enchantment require some fine tuning before it provide some effect. This can be pair with area damage weapon like Hammer or Claymore – which can spread your damage across all enemies.

Tempo Theft

Enhance your movement speed by robbing it from the mobs (Up to 50% Movement Speed at level 3)

An utility enchantment, this is depend on your playstyle. If you prefer speed running through the map, picking this can be a good idea.


Sending out shockwave on the last attack of any weapon combo, dealing damage to the front enemies

The amount of Damage is different base on the weapon and the level it appears on.

This enchantment is best used with one hit combo weapon (Claymore, Hammer, Scythe) This allows the weapon to deal additional damage and does not require the full combo to finish.


Similar to Shockwave, but damage is dealt in a circular area.

This is best for weapons like Glaive or Hammer – which excel at area damage.


Reduce Damage Taken

Pretty straightforward, this enchantment boosts your Armor defense capacity. Good for a melee-focus build, if you are running for a Ranged build, this is pretty much useless.

Final Shout

All your artifacts are used when your heal drop to 25%

This has the best use when it is combined with some healing artifact like or Soul Healing. This alone can give you a second chance in combat, and can also set up some kind of blast to save you from hard fights.

Good artifacts to combine with Final shot

  • Harvester
  • Soul Healing

Pretty much other artifact like Fire Arrow or Torment Arrow are use less in this build, as if your Health

Chain Reaction

Upon impact, your arrow has a chance to spread in all direction (30% at level 3)

This enchantment alone does not do much but combine with other bonuses to Bow, this can be one of your sources of damage, giving your Bow the ability to deal group damage.

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