Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Guide | How to find Grave Bane

Another unique weapon like Venom Glaive. Grave Bane can be found in the same mission where you find the Venom Glaive

  • Location – Soggy Swamp
  • Recommend Difficulty Scale – V or VI

Grave Bane has a cooler look compare to Venom Glaive.

Minecraft Dungeons | Grave Bane Stat

Grave Bane is another unique Glaive that you can find in Minecraft Dungeons. Sharing the same characteristic of Glaive, Grave Bane has a longer reach and is good at Wide Range Damage.

The unique option of this Glaive is Extra Damage to Undead. I got myself this Glaive with only one Enchantment slot. Depend on your luck, you can get a set of three enchantments to pick form, below are some good enchantments to select on Grave Bane

  • Weakening – Reduce nearby enemies Damage
  • Venom – Release a Poison Cloud on hit (30% chance)
  • Fire Aspect/ Electrified – Both of these enchantments give you a little damage boost when hitting enemies

Sharpness is always an universal pick if you don’t have any other better enchantment.

Minecraft Dungeons | Grave Bane Location

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Swamp Loot

As Soggy Swamp provides a higher drops on Glaive. This is your go to location when you are in need of some good Glaive. For my playthrough, I got Grave Bane in an unique chest (The Black Chest) in Soggy Swamp

Soggy Swamp is the same place where you can find Venom Glaive, another unique Glaive in Minecraft Dungeons.

Soggy Swamp also has the following gear drops

  • Glaive
  • Dual Dagger
  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Evocation Robe

Check out my previous guide on Soggy Swamp to see how to get through the mission.

Grave Bane Build

Grave Bane only provides bonus damage to Undead. You may need more enchantments to get the most out of this Glaive.

Below is a sample build

ARMOR – Evocation Robe– Burning/ Snowball
– Cool Down
WEAPON – Grave Bane– Sharpness/ Fire Aspect/ Poison Cloud
ARTIFACT #1 – Soul HarvesterNA
ARTIFACT #2 – Fire QuiverNA
ARTIFACT #3 – Firework ArrowNA

Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Guide

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