Anthem – Storm Javelin Overview

We have covered Anthem three Javelins types Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor Abilities and their gameplay. These Javelins are clearly inspired by the classic trio of the RPG Genres – Warrior, Tanker & Rogue.  But is that the classic Trio? Or did we miss something? Yes, since the invention of RPG, the Mage was never a left-out. It’s the same story here, Anthem covered this with Storm Javelin – the almighty Elementalist


Just like our Ranger & Interceptor. Storm Javelin is capable of all weapons except the heavy ones. But he rarely used it. 
What’s the point of using a gun when used can shoot fire out of your hands?

Melee Ability

Being excel at range combat doesn’t mean Storm Javelin lacking the melee power. Using their first Storm can unleash a powerful strike for those who dare to go near.
  • Fiery Strike: The Storm will using the seal to punch out an explosion, create distance to the enemies. 

Storm Gears 

While Ranger using their Grenade gear or Colossus with their shoulder mounted launcher. Storm Javelin utilizing the Seals to unleash elemental attacks to the enemies.

Blast Seals

  • Lightning Strike: Call Lighting out of nowhere and strike down on the targeted area.
  • Ice Storm: Raise a field dealing ice damage, finished with a blast.
  • Flame Burst: Unleash a quick fire blast at the target location.
  • Rime Blast: Fires out a flurry of ice projectiles that deal damage and freeze close-range targets.
  • Living Flame: Shoot out fire energy that seeks out and burn the target.

Focus Seals

  • Hoarfrost Shards: Rapid-fire shards of ice that slowly freeze a target in place.
  • Fireball: Can be shoot in quick succession or charged for a more powerful shot.
  • Ball Lightning: Can bounce of terrain to reach difficult to hit target.
  • Glacial Beam: Ice Beam!
  • Arc Burst: This looks like the classic Sorceress lighting shot in Diablo II

Support Seals

Being an elementalist, Storm can also use this to protect allies during combat.  Wind Wall: Deflect incoming bullets. Nexus: Reduce Gear cooldown for those who in the field.

Ultimate Ability

Elemental Storm: Basically an elemental fest. Dealing massive damage to an area.

The Elemental Mages

With the powerful abilities to control Ice, Lighting & Fire at will. Anthem Storm Javelin is your best choice when you need some one to unleash those powerful combos to the enemies.  This, in turn, cover all Anthem Javelins (at least for now) What is your choice in the upcoming demo?  This post contains footage from IGN videos below:  All Javelins Abilities Anthem 15 minutes of gameplay

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