Anthem – Interceptor Overview

Anthem Interceptor

Check out my detailed guides on Interceptor abilities and a quick sample build here

Interceptor Gears

 As we already mentioned in my previous look at Colossus and Ranger Overview. Each type of Javelin in Anthem will be associated with three gears types to choose from. While different in naming (for the sake of classifying the features) These are served as additional methods of combating the unrelenting threat of Anthem.

Assault Systems

  • Seeker Glaive: Inspired by the ninja. This projectile will seek out the nearest enemies.
  • Acid Bomb: Poison Explosion. Damage over time, period.
  • Cryo Glaive: Projectiles that can freeze enemies on impact.
  • Cluster Mine: Throw out multiples bombs that detonate when enemies step on it. 
  • Spark Dash – Focus the power and charge toward the target

Strike Systems

Follow the footsteps of the before assassin. Interceptor has a wide array of abilities that target single enemies with devastating power – given the opportunities.

  • Star Strike: This is like Mark of the Assasin in Dragon Age series. Mark an enemy, after some time, this mark will explode dealing damage. If the enemy is killed before the time end, the damage will increase.
  • Plasma Star: Throws shuriken. 
  • Nova Strike: “Shoot” out a doppelganger that will attack anyone it comes to contact with.  
  • Tempest Strike: Powerful strike to a single target that causing stun (to small enemies)
  • Corrosive Spray: Again, when all things said and done, just add poison to the mix – any types.

Support Systems

  • Target Beacon: Marking a target and increase damage to that target. If the target dies while the skill intact, the mark will move to the nearest target. 
  • Rally Cry: Removes all status for nearby allies. I assume this will also remove the “good buff” just to balance things.

Ultimate Ability

Deadly Assassin

This is my original post for Interceptor covering only the basic abilities. For a detail look on Interceptor, check out this guide.

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