Anthem – Colossus Overview

We got introduced to the first Javelin Ranger in my previous overview. While Anthem Ranger served as a starting point for new player, Bioware sure know how to diversify their classes for a calssic Action-RPG Game. Since the first introduction to this bulky looking Javelin, we all know he surely is the tanker for this sci-fi shooting titles.

Colossus – Mr. Tanker


With that appearances, wearing a small weapon is not an option! Colossus is able to utilize all the heavy stuff in Anthem.

 Melee Ability

Heavy Smash: Unlike Ranger, Colossus used its own armor to deliver the SMASH.

Colossus Gears

Ordnance Launcher Gear

These powerful gears sit on Colossus’s shoulder, waiting to deliver explosion to whoever dares to stand on the path.
  • High Explosive Mortar: Fire a mortar to the targeted location, dealing high damage.
  • Burst Mortar: Similar to the above, but smaller and wider mortars
  • Firewall Mortar: Create a firewall in front of the Colossus and ignite the enemies passing through.
  • Lightning Coil: Not sure what this do until we can see it in action.
  • Shock Coil: Sound like an EMP Blast if you ask me.

Heavy Assault Launcher Gear

Similar to Ranger, Colossus also employ a number of the wrist-mount launcher, the differences is that all of these are highly destructive. While the only thing we can see is the Flamethrower (in above gif) It is confirmed that there are several types of these gears. 
  • Heavy Cannon: Shoot out a rocket. 
  • Flame Thrower: You have seen these already. Anthem just need to put it in somewhere…
  • Flak Cannon: Not really sure what this does as this sound pretty similar to the above mortar launcher.
  • Railgun: If you played Titanfall before (or Metal Gear series) you will know this. Fire a devastating round of ammo.
  • Acid Spitter: We are run out of ideas! Let’s just allow him to spit out the poison.

Support Gear

Being the front line of the team doesn’t mean Colossus lacking the support needed. But well, the support abilities is still what you expect from a tanker.
  • Taunt: Come attack me! 
  • Deflector Pulse: Increase defense for allies in the area.

Ultimate Ability

Siege Cannon: A Big Blast – literally. This ability allow Colossus to be the best on Crowd control, or just when you need a big boom. 

Protector of Anthem

General Tarsis – First Javelin to be created Being the descendant of General Helena Tarsis, Colossus is known for their powerful defense and fearless in battle. Many players have opted for this Javelin before the game even released.  It is not clear on which part of the story we will get our hand on this bulky armor, but we surely used that shield a lot in the upcoming demo. This post contains footage from IGN video below:  And below developer stream:

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