During the first few hours of your journey, after the encounter with the World Serpent, you will be introduced to Bifrost a “bridge” that connect all the nine realms.

There are nine realms in total, and six of them will be unlocked through your journey, but two requires some effort to locate the items needed to access – Muspelheim & Niflheim

Muspelheim – The Realm of Fire

SPOILER ALERT! The below may be considered as spoiler if you want to know more about God of war through exploring and enjoy the thrill of firs time experience. Read at your own cost!

To unlock this realm, you will need to collect four of the Cipher Pieces around Midgard. The guide to collect these ciphers are all around internet 🙂 here are some good examples:

US Gamer Cipher Location Guide For Muspelheim

But I suggest keeping finding these small pieces as a joy to explore the game, some hints though – you will get these if you explore every nook and corner during the first half of the game – when the water has been lowered by two levels.

The challenges

This is the realm of fire in Norse mythology, this also is the land of the fire Giant Surtr where he holds his powerful flaming sword and calmly waiting for Ragnarok, this realm in God of War retaining the same background, but is adding with a twist, there are six challenges that you need to go through and claiming the rewards.

God of War - Challenges - Rewards.jpg
Collect your reward after each trial

This realm also contains the materials needed for the Smoldering Set and one of the nine Valkyries (link to the post) can be found here.

The challenges are pretty straightforward for some of the hardcore action games players, but still capable of giving some decent challenges for the Ghost of Sparta. Some of the classic arena challenges can be found here:

  • Defeat enemies will extend the time.
  • Enemies HP regenerate overtime.
  • Survive waves in a time period.

However, you will need to take note these key challenges:

  • Defeat 100 enemies – There will be four to six enemies each wave, this may seem overwhelming at first, but with some management to HP and aware of the enemies around you, this can also be done without much sweat.
  • Prevent the enemies to capture/ hold Atreus – This also categorized as a Hard challenge, as the enemies are mostly Brutes Draug, Try disrupting them with your Axe throw and try to quickly kill them as possible

God of War - Challenges - Prevent Capturing.jpg

Most of the challenges will be a lot easier if you know how to deal with the enemies types, here are some tips:

  • The Traveler – These fearful warriors are immune to flinching and attacks with powerful attacks, most of these should be evaded instead of straight up blocking (some are also unblockable though) You will need to soften these guys first before giving them all you got. Always keep these enemies in sight when fighting a group of enemies (which is also a very common combination of challenges – one Traveler and several goons)

God of War - Challenges - 100 - Traveler.jpg

Another powerful skill including an area attack (when he holding out a skull) that cannot be interrupted – better bring up your shield immediately when you see he raising his skull.

God of War - Enemies - Traveler.jpg
These foes will not flinch when attacked, don’t be cocky on your approach
God of War - Enemies - Traveler Champion.jpg
Variation of Traveler, this guy is fortified with a gigantic shield behind his back, which deflect all the attacks
  • The Draugr families – These are your most basic goons, you encounter these foes since the beginning, but with some upgrades in moveset and abilities, it’s still a night mare to be gang up by these “undead”
God of War_20180512180347
Capable of delivering combo attacks, your first stop of strategies is to interrupt these guys when they appear, or better, reflecting their attacks with your trusty shield.
God of War_20180512180444
These guys are upgraded with explosive, when their body glow red, simply throw an axe at them and see they fall, avoid fighting them at this stage at all cost
God of War_20180512180451
The “bulky” version of Draugr, these guys appears in the challenge where you need to prevent Atreus from being grabbed, try disrupt them with axe throw.
God of War - Challenges - 100 - Heavy Draugr.jpg
Fighting a heavy Draugr

The unexpected guests

After all these challenges, you finally climb up the highest Muspelheim mountain, and suddenly there aren’t any familiar sword here but rather a strange figure…

God of War_20180504221457
There is no big sword, but what awaited us?

Well, if your already familiar with the world in God of War at this time, this is one of the most familiar enemies – the Valkyries, here in the peak of this mountain, sleeping and waiting for someone to release her from eternal slumber. This is Gondul, one of the eight sisters that have been trapped in the mortal body.

God of War_20180504223159
A Valkyries with fire attacks… how convenience

What’s next?

Well, it depends on the above outcome – if you win the battle, you will earn some powerful items and one of the most powerful materials in the game.


God of War - Muspelheim - Reward for Chaos Flae.jpg
A Flame to upgrade a powerful weapon… what could it be?

But it does not stop there, you will also unlock the final sword, and all the challenges before will be reset, which mean you still have challenges to prove and rewards to take, this also reward you the Fire and Brimstone trophy for completing all the trials of Muspelheim.

That’s for this realm of Fire, what about Niflheim? Find out in my next post!











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