It seem CAPCOM never run out of ideas, before the Kingsect Glaive introduction in Mosnter Hunter 4, an unique weapon has been introduced to the series in second generation – The Hunting Horn, capable of dealing stun damage while provide boosts to the hunter and other teammates.

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The Hunting Horn is introduced in second generation titles (Monster Hunter Freedom 2Monster Hunter Freedom Unite)



I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

Taking a first look at the controls will surprise you, it is as basic as it can be. Hitting Triangle or Circle will perform basic attacks and hitting both button will perform another attacks.

As clearly explain in the side, each attack you perform will consider as a “note”, after all the required notes have been stacked up, you will use R2 to “peform” the melodies and trigger the boosts effect of that particular melodies

Simple control scheme

The melody (or songs) is unique to each hunting horn. For the sake of comfortable, these songs can be checked in detail screen (inventory) of the horn.

List of melodies/ songs and it’s effect can be checked in inventory screen

As we can see, there are only three types of notes to trigger a melody, these notes are mapped to Triangle Circle & Triangle + Circle respectively. However, you don’t have to memorize all of this, as Monster Hunter World provide us with an on screen detail on what melodies we can play

songs list
The melodies list and respective key press for each notes are listed on the top right of the screen

With all that said, it’s doesn’t mean Hunting Horn is only used for playing music, in the end, it’s still an weapon 🙂 Each note you perform will be an attack as well, and these attacks can also be chained together as combo.

Using Hunting Horn successfully will involve the well knowledge of melodies so the hunter can keep the buffs constantly up for you and your team mate while dealing enough damage to keep the monster at bay. These attacks are also benefit by the stun effect similar to Hammer, as Hunting Horn damage is considered as “Blunt” damage (or KO Damage) capable of knock out monster.

combat m

In the end, this is still a weapon, there are some basic combo to start with




  • Weapon range is very impressive (longer than hammer)
  • Able to boosts both the user and the hunters around
  • In previous MH titles, Hunting Horn damage is sometime higher than hammer
  • Melodies/ Songs are easily access thanks to on screen prompt.


  • Although the range is wide, it’s hard to target specific part of monster due to the swing nature of attacks
  • Requires sometime to perfectly using all the songs of a hunting horn, while there are many different hunting horn and songs
  • No charge attacks
  • Attack speed is slower than other weapons


Normally considered as a support weapon similar to Light Bowgun, Hunting horn was mainly used as some kind of boosting for the team in the beginning. However, from time to time, the hunters discover new way to use it, and it’s become more and more popular as a main weapon.

Return to Monster Hunter World, this weapon will surely become mainstream again thanks to it’s unique design and abilities.

What about you? What’s your thought on this strange looking weapon? Drop a comment below!

This post in turn finish my 14 weapon posts for Monster Hunter World, however, these guide will be continuously updated during my playthrough to help you guys receive the latest information and tips to master the weapons. Stay tune!






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