Monster Hunter World Light Bowgun – Assault Rifle of Monster Hunter


We have covered all weapons for close range combat in Monster Hunter World. Let’s kick off the range weapon list with a weapon which name say for itself – Light Bowgun. This bad boy appear in the very first Monster Hunter title. Monster Hunter World Light Bowgun returns with all of it’s famous feasts and new ammo types.

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Monster Hunter World Light Bowgun
One of the very first weapon of Monster Hunter


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

As the name imply, this is a gun hence there will be no cool combos and flashy attacks, instead you will get the basic control scheme of ranged weapon – Aim & Shoot.

With the release of Monster Hunter World PC on August 9. The control scheme will make you right at home. (Unless it’s face the classic porting issue)

Aiming & Fire

If you are familiar with shooting games. This control will make you feel right at home (for PlayStation) L2 & R2 for the basic shooting, while hitting Triangle will reload the ammo.

Hitting both Triangle & Circle will trigger a melee attack. This may not sound so useful when using a gun. However, with some new mechanic in Monster Hunter World like structural damage, this could be a life saver in some situations.

As in previous titles, using the Bowgun weapons involve managing and constant changing the ammo types. This is  to adapt to the situation at hand. By Hitting L1 + X (or Playstation 4 Triangle) you can bring up the quick menu and choose an ammo type for current situation.

Ammo t.png
There are several types of ammo with their own effects

New in Monster Hunter World is the Wyvern Blast ability represent by three bullets the bottom right corner – trigger by press Circle. In the demo, you will fire a trap-like bullet to the ground and this will blow up every time it received impact.

The interesting thing is this ability is categorized as special ammo – which mean there will be more kind of ammo in the main game.

The main advantages of Light Bowgun is all about speed. While drawing out, you can still keep the normal running speed and delivering shots while keeping a relatively safe distance.

The thing is this is the first time that using a Bowgun sound easy like this, in the past titles. To adapt with Nintendo DS and occasionally PlayStation Portable  control, using ranged weapons in Monster Hunter is more of a chores than excitement. Normally when attacking, you will be switched to First Person Camera and stand still.



  • Wide variety of ammo types providing flexibility in several scenarios
  • Special Ammo types provide additional tactic and play styles
  • Keep the same running speed while drawing out the gun
  • The new control mechanic make players feel right at home


  • Damage is not so impressive
  • Limited ammo resource compare to Bow, need constant management to make sure ammo is not run out

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In previous titles, Light Bowgun is often considered as support weapon along with Hunting Horn. This is due to it’s moderate damage and control scheme. With the newly enhanced controls, hopefully this weapon will step up in the list of most used weapons.

Did you decide to pick Monster Hunter World Light Bowgun when it’s come to PC? Drop a comment below!

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