Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun


I have covered the “slim version” Bowgun in previous post. Today, let’s take a look at Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun.

Monster Hunter World Light Bowgun Overview

Today let’s try on something with more explosive power – The Heavy Bowgun, the big brother of Light Bowgun

This big gun has been with the series since the beginning along with other classics (Great Sword, Lance…) taken it’s first appearance in the very first title. Famous for it’s damage and and mostly it’s look, this weapon has been a Gunner’s favorite for quite some time.

Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun
Despite the high-end look, this weapon appear in the very first title of Monster Hunter along


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

Much like Light Bowgun, the moveset of the heavy version doesn’t contain many complicated command. It’s still the same shooting control scheme that we know and love L2 for aiming and R2 for Firing.

Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun
Simple and clean

Hitting both Playstation 4 Triangle PlayStation 4 Circle will perform a melee attacks, and L1 + X/ Playstation 4 Trianglewill allow us to select the ammo. The ammo types may different with the like of Light Bowgun, but surely deal greater damage.

ammo types
Ammo Types can be changed by pressing L1 + Cross/ Triangle

This time Circle only show as “Load” – this is serve as button to load Special Ammunition and later unload it to allow regeneration – a new feature in Monster Hunter World. In the beta, you have the chance to use two types of ammo, one is the Gatling Gun, and the other is something like a Sniper ammo.

Each ammo type is represent by a bar on the bottom right. This bar will decrease when used and regenerate when you unload the ammo.

Special ammo t.png
This fence-look-like-bar is your ammo

With all that said, the Heavy Bowgun doesn’t have much different compare to the Light Bowgun despite it’s obviously trait – Slower. When draw out, you will move slower at walking pace, however will be compensated by the damage of each shot.

In Monster Hunters both Light Bowgun & Heavy Bowgun can be customized to include parts and upgraded to allow greater damage and utilities, in the beta, we were equipped with a Shield Heavy Bowgun (The bowgun attached with the shield part) However, in the main game, there will be a wide variety of these “mods”



  • Damage is comparable to that of Great Sword while allow the hunter to keep distance
  • Addition of Special Ammo allow more flexible play styles
  • Wide variety of ammo types with their own effect


  • When draw out, moving speed is greatly impact
  • The doge window is very limited
  • Limitation in ammo compare with Bow
  • Will require proper positioning as evasion is limited during firing.


Heavy Bowgun complete the Ranged Weapon group with it’s exceptional damage while keeping the hunter at a distance. However, this is not a weapon for new player to experience with, as this require proper understanding of ammo types and surrounding before used, to make sure each shots count while protecting the user from that big tail swipe.

What about you? Ready to pick up that Bowgun? Drop a comment!

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  1. Your links are seriously misleading, you don’t give any load out info here. You just explain what a heavy bowgun does. It is like this with all of your links. More detailed information in the article title would be much better. This is boarderline clickbait.

    1. Yes, this was created before the game release, I was think of this title when trying out the heavy bowgun, I will change the title as you suggest. Thanks

  2. As for misleading link and all of my links, can you share which ones? Or just the Monster Hunters ones? I did think of some good title when first naming these weapons overview. Appreciate the input

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