While the name hunter alway give us an impression with bow, this weapon does not appear in the first Monster Hunter version. Introduced in Monster Hunter 2 in 2006, this weapon is the third ranged weapon in the game (After Light Bowgun & Heavy Bowgun) and since then has become one of the main weapon for players who prefer dealing damage from afar (not so far to be honest)



Old Version.png
First appear in Monster Hunter 2, Bow still manage to earn popularity among hunters

Bow has gone through many updates to includes new shot types and coating. Return in Monster Hunter World, this weapon once again come with the infinite quiver while come up with some new interesting mechanic.


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

As this is a ranged weapon, you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to the moveset. If you are familiar with action game with guns, you will be right at home with the control scheme.

Bow movelist.png
Basic shooting control scheme

R2 will shoot out an arrow, while L2 will aim the corsair, Circle is your special shot. New to Monster Hunter World, pressing both Triangle & Circle will perform the Dragon Piercer shot, where the hunter will scratch the arrow to the ground in a circular motion, finally crouch down to charge up a powerful shot.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171212004152
Dragon Piercer – a cool looking and powerful move in Monster Hunter World

With Circle, your special shot will be Quick Shot – Power Shot (A quick way to shoot out the charge shot without hoding L2) and finally Arc Shot – shoot out a homing arrow to designated location.

During these shots, you can press Cross (X) to perform a side step or a dash to quickly close the gap or evade a monster’s attack. Perform this dash after a charge shot (Holding R2) you can trigger charge dash where you quickly dash and charge up your second shot without holding R2, however this come in the cost of stamina.

With all that said, the final trait of Bow is the coating support (similar to ammo type of Bowgun) Where you can apply several types of coating to enhance your shot (Blast, Power, Paralysis…) Due to some time constrain in the demo, I can test out all the coatings. I will make a revise after the game officially come out in late Jan.



  • A balance between speed and power
  • Agile and fluid in combat
  • Dragon Piercer
  • Easy to pick up


  • The range of attack (Critical distance) is not so impressive
  • Will need certain skills to master all the shot types
  • Although this is a ranged weapon, this mostly used by experienced players so to master the charge time (similar to Great Sword)


As the name suggest, Bow is a very basic weapon as usual. Although the moveset is simple, this weapon still prove it’s worth through multiple shot types and coating effects, with the addition of new moves in Monster Hunter World, let’s hope this weapon will be again picked up by hunters around the world.

What about you? Do you like hunting the monsters in old fashion style? Or prefer go toe to toe with them directly? Drop a comment below!




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