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Today we will cover the most basic weapon in history of video games – The Sword and Shield (or SnS) One of the very first weapon in Monster Hunter, this classic combination has been around for 14 years. Return to Monster Hunter World, this weapon keeps all the unique traits while adding some cool addition in moveset.




Monster Hunter World Sword and Shield - Classic
The classic pair of Monster Hunter and other video games


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The move set of this weapon is pretty basic, hitting triangle three time will perform the standard three slashes combo ending with a vertical swing.

S&S movelist.png
Easy to remember and pickup

Circle this time will serve as the heavy attack, while holding down Circle and push back on the left analog stick, the hunter will hop back and follow up with a charge attack, this is similar to previous MH titles.

However, new to Monster Hunter World is the ability to follow up this attack if it’s landed – if this charge attack connect, the hunter will leap up, and in this stage, you can either press Triangle or Circle to follow up depending on the situation:

  • Triangle will result in a downward slash which can mount the monster – given the position is right.
  • Circle on the other hand will utilize the shield to perform a downward slam – which count as blunt damage, meaning you can stun the monster if the hit connects to the head.

By incorporate with directional input, pressing Circle will perform the Shield Bash combo, which can give out some KO damage if land on the monster’s head.

By pressing both Triangle & Circle, the hunter will perform a lunge attack – ending with a raising slash, this can be used as an opener or a mean to close the gap when needed.

Want to see more details and best combos for Sword & Shield? Here you go:

Monster Hunter World Sword and Shield In-depth Guide

To use your shield simply press R2  – and you can notice that this small shield can only block some small attacks, however, it’s better than nothing 🙂

Finally Sword & Shield is the only weapon in the game where you can use items without sheathing your weapon, reducing some delay during combat which may cause a lot of troubles for new players. With the addition of Slinger – a small weapon using projectiles, this feature will offer great benefit to the hunter during combat

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Monster Hunter World Sword and Shield In-depth Guide



  • Easy to pick up, suitable for new player
  • Fast and agile
  • Able to use items while drawing out the weapon
  • In previous Monster hunter titles, this SnS is the best weapon to inflict elemetal attack
  • The Shield provide some defense


  • Poor raw damage in compensate of speed
  • The defense from the shield is pretty basic
  • Moveset look not so impressive


If you are new to the series, Sword and Shield is a good choice to learning the hang of the game. While providing some basic defense and attack, this weapon also come in with the feature to use items without nuisance. With that said, that doesn’t mean this is a weapon for beginner, many hunters prefer this weapon for the lightness in attacks and movement, as well as the ability to inflict elemental damage in the game – similar to Dual Blades.

Decided to use Monster Hunter World Sword and Shield for your PC Journey? Here is my in-depth guide:

Monster Hunter World Sword and Shield In-depth Guide





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