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With all those classic, I believe you guys are looking for some thing more original now,  with that in mind, the designer at CAPCOM did come up with a pretty interesting weapon – a tool that can control insect while providing the hunter with aerial abilities – The Insect Glaive.

Old Version.png
A staff like weapon with abilities to control Insect? Sound pretty neat!

First introduced in Monster Hunter 4, this double edge rod prove to be an very extraordinary weapons, using the vaulting movement, the hunters are capable of delivering severals aerial attacks while gaining the buff from the insect.


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

Return to Monster Hunter World, Insect Glaive retain the basic moveset since Monster hunter 4.

Hitting Triangle three times will result in your basic standard attack combo, consist of three vertical swings. Pressing Circle will result in an overhead slam, which can be combined with directional input to initiating attacks, both Triangle and Circle can be chained together at anytime to perform combos.

Move L.png
Attack consist of Triangle and Circle input incorporating with R2 to summon “Kinsect”

Pressing R2 with Cross (X) will trigger the “vaulting” – allow the hunter to use the weapon as a stand and jump to the air, you can use this as a dodging maneuver or simply follow up with Triangle for an aerial slash, This is consider as a mount attack and if it’s landed correctly, you can mount the monster for further follow up.

That’s basically the same as in previous monster hunter versions, however, new to MHW, you can now perform additional “dashes” while in the air by pressing Cross (X) or Circle respectively.

But it does not have to stop there, while X is simply a dash, the Circle input during the Vault will result in a aerial slash, however, if this hit connect, you can vault one more time – allowing you to dash two times again – increase the air-time!

Sound crazy at first, but this air dash cost stamina and does need some strict situation and skills to use perfectly, using this against fast and agile monsters is not very ideal situation.

With those moveset aside, let’s move to the final part of this two part weapons – the Insect or Kingsect as the world call. As the name said, this is a critical part of using the weapon. Normally, the Kingsect will attach to your right arm, holding L2 and press Triangle, your insect will fly out to designated position (typically by aiming with L2) and gather “extract”, after that you can press Circle to call the Kingsect back and consume the extract. In previous Monster Hunter titles, there are four types of extracts and can be harvest from several monster’s part:

  • Red Extract: Boost your attacks – typically gather from monster’s head
  • Orange/ Yellow Extract: Grant you flinching immunity – gather from monster’s chest & torso
  • White Extract: Increase your movement speed – gather from monster’s leg
  • Green Extract: Restore your health – gather from monster’s tail

While the Green Extract can be consumed immediately, the other three extracts can be stored together, and if you keep both three at the same time (represent by the UI element under the sharpness bar) Your attacks will be enhanced – basically increasing the hit counts.

Extract types.png
Both three extracts is shown under the sharpness bar

This reveal the key to using Insect Glaive – keeping the uptime of holding all three buffs. In previous Monster Hunter titles this is done by balancing between attacking and harvesting, with the improvement of the two analog sticks from PS4 – this process is more natural now, which will give you an easier time gathering extracts.

Check out Insect Glaive gameplay on the first mission



  • Jumping attacks, period 🙂
  • Fast attack speed in combine with fluidity in moveset
  • Vaulting make mount attacks easier to land
  • Can receive various buff via the Kingsect
  • Two air dashes upgrade is a great addition.


  • You can still take damage while leaping, need a proper of awareness on your surrounding while using this move
  • The buff duration is quite short and can only be used by the glaive user
  • Require timing for attacks and dodging, as there are no defensive options
  • Upgrading process may take sometime as both the glaive and the kingsect is separated


Although coming late to the party (Monster Hunter 4) this weapon is capable of many interesting abilities, allowing the hunter to perform several unique maneuver and gaining buffs throughout the process.

Are you a new hunter wanting to try out this weapon? Or an old Insect Glaive user return to Monster Hunter World? What’s your thought on this weapon? Drop a comment below!



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