Monster Hunter World Charge Blade – It’s Morphin Time!


First appear in Monster Hunter 4 – one of the most critically acclaim version of Monster Hunter. Charge Blade joins the weapons list as a technical weapons, capable of transform between two types of weapon: Sword & Shield (SnS) and Axe – similar to Switch Axe.

Monster Hunter World Sword and Shield Overview

Monster Hunter World Switch Axe Overview

Monster Hunter World Charge Blade - Classic
Charge Blade – Combining the Shield with a Sword into an Axe

Since then, this weapon received several favorable from hunters around the continent. Keeping the advantages of Sword & Shield where you can guard against Monster’s attack, in the process, store energy into phials and finally release the damage through the Axe form with Element Discharge.

Update in July 2018 – Check out my in-depth guide of Monster Hunter World Charge Blade here: 

Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds


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Charge Blade initial form is Sword mode. Hitting Triangle in this mode will deliver three hits combo finishing with a Roundhouse slash, this is your basic moves to charge up the phials.

Charge Blade movelist .png
Some combos of the Charge Blade

Hold down Circle will trigger the double charge slash. In Monster Hunter World, when you input directional along with Circle, you perform a Slide Attack which can help in losing gap and reposition yourself.

Update in July 2018 – Monster Hunter World Charge Blade in action – including gif & videos 

Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds

A combination of Triangle & Circle will initiate Shield Thrust, a quick punch-like motion using your shield, which also help you charge up the phials.

As the name say, each attacks in Sword mode will “charge” up the power of the Axe, each time you attacks the phials in the upper left corner begin to glow from yellow to red and bright red – at this stage all your attacks will be bounced back – “too much energy stored”

Charge Blade phials
The Phials on the left of the screen

You will need to perform R2 + Circle to charge this power to the phials

Phials filled
Perform R2 + Circle will store the energy from the sword to the phials

These precious phials is consumed when you switch to Axe form – Trigger by hitting Cirlce after perform a R2 + Circle (Charge move). While in Axe mode, you will have a new set of moves, while hitting Triangle is your basic attacks and Circle is the Elemental Slash which used up your stored phials.

Similar to previous Monster Hunter game, Triangle + Circle will trigger the Elemental Discharge move similar to Switch Axe which consumed all your phials and deliver the powerful slash to the monsters.

There are several types of Elemental Charge Blade which will surely show up in the main game. 

During Element Discharge animation, you can press back + Triangle to release some of your phials instead of all of the phials.

But it does not stop there, you can also charge up your shield using these phials. During the Element Discharge animation, if you press R2, all these phials will be sent to your Shield.

charge shield.png
These phials can also be used by your Shield

While charged, your shield can block more damage and can also damage the monster in the process.

That’s all similar to previous Monster Hunters games… but this time there is also a sword icon next to the shield. Which mean you can charge it up as well! But this can only be trigger while your shield is charged and glowing red. While in this state, hitting R2 + O again and holding Triangle in this animation will then result in an Overhead slash with the Sword. If you have the phials filled, this attack will dish out elemental similar to the Axe Elemental attacks but in Sword form. After this, your sword icon will glow as well and you have two hot stuff on your hand.

Update in July 2018 – More details are here: Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds

charged sword.png
The Sword can also be charged in MHW

Right now we still have much chances to try out all the benefit of this state. We will update once the game is officially out

Check out Charge Blade Gameplay in the playlist below, Capture by an amateur player whose weapon bounce like hitting jelly 🙂




  • Faster version of Switch Axe
  • Able to dish out huge amount of damage when using Axe form
  • The defense from the shield is better than SnS counter part, some animation also grant the ability to block attack
  • Attack range in Sword mode is greater than SnS


  • Require constant switching to make sure attacks are not bounce when the sword glow red
  • Not suitable for new comer to the series
  • Require practice to perfectly switch forms


Has been a fan-favorite throughout many Monster Hunter titles, this weapon come back to Monster Hunter World with another charge  – the Sword itself! Which will lead to some upcoming interesting combo and match up. This will surely be the first choice for many returning hunters while give out new comer something iconic to the series.

I have updated Charge Blade guides with more details in this post –  Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds




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