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Monster Hunter World – Spirits, come to my blade!



This Odachi-like weapon first appearance can be traced back to the very first Monster Hunter title, being a cosmetically different Great Sword.

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This only earned its position since Monster Hunter 2, where it officially become a main weapon in the series with moveset and abilities. Nimble and deadly, this weapon has been famous for it’s “Sprit Combo” since then.

Old version
Long Sword officially become a main weapon since MH 2

Long Sword get an overhaul at Monster Hunter Third Generation, where it grant the abilities to increase damage which each Spirit Combo, represent by the color of the Spirit Bar – from white to yellow and finally red.

Return in Monster Hunter World, once again, the hunters can use this “Washing Pole” to deliver nightmares.


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

The basic attacks of Long Sword consists of two overhead slash (or vertical slash) to a thrust and finally a raising slash, this can be done by hitting triangle 4 time.

Circle this time is responsible for the thrust, you can either incorporate that to your basic Triangle combo, or as a situational attack.


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PlayStation 4 Pro CUH-7100 Series 1TB HDD [Monster Hunter: World Liolaeus Edition]

Hitting Triangle + Circle at the same time and you will perform the infamous Fade Slash, where the hunter will swing the sword and hop backward, combine this with the directional input, Fade Slash can be used in any direction. Fade Slash has been one of the most useful attack in the game – capable of dodging while dealing damage to the monster

Basic moves of Long Sword

But it does not stop there, while perform these basic attacks, your Spirit Gauge (upper left of the screen) will fill up and when in full you can unleash Spirit Combo – the main dish to our monsters.

Hitting R2 will perform a Spirit Combo, damage of each attack in this combo is increased and the speed is faster than the normal attacks.

In Monster Hunter World, Long Sword receives two additional updates, the Spirit Thrust and the Foresight Slash, trigger by hitting R2 + Triangle or Circle respectively. However, to use these to it’s full advantages, you will need to fill the Spirit Gauge to a certain level (at least white glow)

For Spirit Thrust, after lunging forward as usual, you will jump to the air and finish with a big downward slash and fill the Spirit Gauge to full if the slash connect, otherwise you will have to risk the charge.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171212233511
Spirit Thrust in action
Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171213001255
As I have a Spirit Charge (White Glow) Spirit Thrust is updated with additional attack

For Foresight Slash, The hunter will swiftly move back and swing the Sword, this does sound and look similar to Fade Slash, but come with additional advantages, if you are hit during the animation of moving backward, a blue light will flash and you can then hit R2 to trigger a Spirit Slash that can instantly fill up the Spirit Gauge. This serve as a counter attack for Long Sword while keeping up the badassery 🙂

The key to playing Long Sword is to keep up the Spirit Gauge constantly, either with the basic combo, or those sweet new moves (Spirit Thrust or Foresight Slash) It is your main resource to maximize the damage.

Wandering Hunters with a Spirit Blade
I met a hunter in a jungle, he carry a odd looking weapon, making from red dragon scale…



  • Impressive range, perfect for severing parts of monsters.
  • Quick attack animation compare to the size
  • Balance in power and speed
  • Spirit Gauge strengthen the attacks further
  • Spirit Thrust & Foresight Slash is a great addition
  • Straight forward and easy to use.


  • Sharpness is a burden on this weapon
  • Lower damage than the standard Great Sword
  • Cannot block due to it’s slimmer side 🙂
  • Cannot roll-cancel during some animation (The final move of Spirit Combo)


Serve as a perfect balance between power and speed, this weapon has been the choice for many Great Sword players who prefer the flexibility while still using “the big gun”

With the addition in Monster Hunter World, Long Sword will surely become the main weapon of many hunters again.

What about you? What’s your weapon of choice?





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