Hammer Old Version.pngAnother weapon that appear in the very first Monster Hunter game. Hammer has been a weapon of choice for many hunters around the world, one of the weapon that provide Blunt damage (Capable of stunning and destroy some hard part like horns, but can not cut certain part of monster)

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Slow and heavy at first, but is one of the best raw damage weapon in the game. To add insult to the monster injury, since Monster Hunter 2, this weapon have had the ability to KO monster when landed certain of hits to the monster head – earning the infamous title “KO King”

Comeback in Monster Hunter World, this weapon keep the same old move-set and is upgraded with some new moves & abilities, which give us a chance to use this weapon on that angry Diablo.


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

Just like it’s brother Great Sword, Hammer consist a simple move set, starting with three hit combo by hitting triangle, ending with a Upswing – or your famous “Golf Swing” for old time sake. This is the bread and butter combo of Hammer.


By hitting circle you will enter the Big Bang Combo, each hit will bounce back the hammer, if you continue hitting circle during this animation, the hunter will continue to slam the hammer, damage is increased with each consecutive hits, finally finish with the Big Bang Finisher


Finally, Hammer come with the ability to charge an attack – similar to Great Sword, but this time, you don’t stand still when charging an attack! This is also the thing make this weapon unique, while charging, you can run forward the monster and unleash hell.

In Monster Hunter World, this ability is upgraded with Power Charge – trigger by hitting circle while in Charging animation, this will power up your charge by granting you immune to flinching and increase the damage and KO chance of your attacks, but keep in mind that this cost a hell lot of stamina to keep up, do manage that little bar!




  • Able to provide exceptional damage
  • Can stun the monster
  • Lighter than Great Sword
  • Best charged attack in the game especially mobile when using attack as well


  • Just like Great Sword, the cost of damage is speed
  • Require timing to master the charged attacks
  • Short Range, will need to move up close and personal to dish out the most
  • Unable to cut (where you need some specific part like tail…)


Hammer is often get neglected by new players (I myself included 🙂 ) due to it’s unimpressive speed and weight, and sometime it’s look. But after countless of version, this weapon has prove to be one of the most powerful weapon in the game, where even the strongest monster can see stars and moon after just a few blows – literally.





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