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You guys may feel a little heavy and slow by now, today, let’s change the pace to another level, using the weapon that is well known for it’s lighting speed and badassery – The Dual Blades.

First appear in western version of Monster Hunter (Not release in Japan until Monster Hunter G – Monster Hunter wiki ) these two blades has become the first choice for hunters who preferred speed and flashiness.

Old Version.png
Dual Blade in other Monster Hunter games

Although the raw damage output is significant weaker than other weapons like Great Sword or Hammer, this pair of blades in turn cover it with the flurry of slashes and is a super combination when you want to stack up elemental damage.

Using dual blades wisely, you can open up the potential for dealing significant damage while dashing around the hunting field.


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

Just like other dual weapons in other games, dual blades (or sword in some other games) is served as a thing to attract players, the moveset of dual blades in Monster Hunter World is all look pleasant to the eyes, while keeping enough simplicity for hunters for the sake of combo.

Dual Blades moves.png
Dual Blades basic combo

Hitting Triangle will perform basic slashes that end up with a double slash, while circle will move the hunter quickly forward in a spinning motion using both blades. These animation has been the same (revamped after Monster Hunter 3 and 3U for PSP) since the very first appearance of it. These are your main attacks while using Dual Blades.

But it does not stop there, hitting R2 will trigger Demon Mode – where your attack animation is changed drastically, both speed and damage is also increase, the roll animation will change to demon dash, and you will run like a familiar anime character.

Hitting both Triangle and Circle in this mode will execute the Blade Dance, deliver multiple slashes to the monsters.

What is the greater level of a demon? The Arch-demon, this mode is the next level of Demon Mode, where it’s further enhance your attack power and speed and… negate the stamina cost of Demon Mode completely! This is indicate by the blade under the sharpness bar, when this bar is full, you can press R2 one more time in Demon Mode to trigger, and while all your attack animation is the same, stamina will be free!

To add in the power, while in this mode you will gain a resistance to Wind and power armor to non boss attacks, allow you to deliver the needed combo. However, to compensate for these advantages, Demon Mode in turn cost stamina rapidly when triggered, require your careful management on the little bar.

For Dual Blades user, maintaining Demon Mode and trigger Archdemon mode at the right time is the key to triumph.



  • In previous titles of Monster Hunter, dual blades can be enhanced with elemental attacks, further strengthen their power, this will most likely be the same for World
  • Agile in attacks and is a weapon for combo enthusiast
  • Able to deliver lighting fast attacks while keeping the ninja-like movement
  • Demon & Arch-demon mode is a blast


  • Sharpness bar reduce way to quick
  • Low damage in cost of speed
  • Shortest range in the list of weapons
  • Require certain management skill on stamina management to ensure Demon Mode is constantly up
  • Rolling and dashing is limited during attack animation, and not able to block


Despite the low damage, dual blades using the speed and two demon mode to compensate the loss, allow the hunter to perform many maneuver that make other jealous. If you are a fan of speed and techniques over raw power, this is your first choice on the up coming hunt!

Check out some Dual Blades gameplay in Monster Hunter World below!

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