Monster Hunter Hunter World Switch Axe – Axe or Sword?


Another iconic weapon in Monster Hunter series, first appear in Monster Hunter Tri. This technical weapon start off with an impressive appearance, but don’t let that fool you, it’s categorize as “Technical Weapon” for a reason. Monster Hunter World Switch Axe has been a fan favorite since it’s first release on PS4 this January.

Monster Hunter World Switch Axe
Switch Axe artwork in older version

At first look, this look like an Axe with attack look similar to Great Sword. However, this weapon can also transform in to a Sword which bear similar look to the Great Sword as well, but with faster speed and is imbued with certain effect from the phials it’s come with.

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I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

As mentioned, this weapon has two forms – Axe & Sword, so basically you have two moveset according to which form you are using.

Monster Hunter World Switch Axe - Two Forms
Each form will have a different moveset

While in Axe form, your basic attacks are slow and consist of Horizontal Slash and some side sweep. In Monster Hunter World this time, you gain another attack call Wild Swing, where you stand still and swing your weapons wildly. This can be chain into a combo to change the form of the weapon.

Switch Axe move.png
Basic attacks of Switch Axe consist of moveset for Sword & Axe
Sword Bar
The bar beneath the sharpness bar indicate when you can switch to Sword form

During Axe form, you can switch to the Sword form at anytime by hitting R2, this will follow up the combo with either a slash or a 360 degree swing (if you follow up with Wild Swing)

While in Sword form, your attacks are faster and more powerful, however, the energy bar will deplete with every attack and you will be force to return to Axe form once the bar is depleted.

There are a special move can only be done at this form – Element Discharge, by using Playstation 4 Triangle PlayStation 4 Circle at the same time, the character will move in an animation where the energy from the Sword is dish out and unleash a big blast on the monsters. This move will also force your weapon turn back to Axe due to the impact.

Switch Axe element discharge.png
Element Discharge

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  • A weapon for combo, almost every move can be chained.
  • The damage from Element Discharge can be utilize effectively with proper timing
  • One of a high DPS weapon.
  • Axe Rising Slash has very high range and can use to attack airborne monsters
  • Many weakness of this weapons in older versions are fixed and enhance here


  • The Sharpness bar reduce to quickly compare to other weapons in Sword form
  • Need sometime to get used to the “Switch” mechanic
  • No guard although look similarly to Great Sword
  • If there are no Sword mode, the speed is super slow.


So the above is our first technical weapon in Monster Hunter World, while old hunters already experienced this bad boy for a long time with several variation (in phials and weapons look) PC Players will surely have a blast with this classic technical weapon. Have you decide to pick this weapon on your first playthrough? Drop a comment below!

In the meantime, if you are curious on how an Axe can change into a Sword, check out this blueprint from a fan! (Deviant link included)

Monster Hunter World Switch Axe - Blue Print from fan
Weapons blueprint

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