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First appear in Monster Hunter 2, this technical weapon join the family with a blast – literally. Monster hunter world Gunlance combine the characteristic of Lance with the explosiveness gunpowder. This weapon is capable of dealing massive damage at close range while keeping the hunter safe from the monsters.

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Monster Hunter World Gunlance


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

Similar to Lance, hitting triangle will result in a three thrusts combo, while mixing in circle will result in a overhead slam. During your combo you can add in PlayStation 4 Circle input at anytime to trigger “Shell” attacks – basically shoot out your “shell” from the Lance.

Monster Hunter World Gun Lance
Basic moveset of Gunlance

This explosion can be triggered at any points during your standard thrust attack. You can either shoot out all current ammunition at once (Holding O at the end of attack or after an Overhead Slam) or mixing it to every attacks (Tapping O between attacks) but of course, you do need to reload if all fires are shot – Either with the basic input R2 + O or mixing it during your attack

Reload Gunlance
Ammunition of Gunlance is shown next to sharpness bar.

Exclusively in Monster Hunter World this time, Gunlance also having another finisher – Wyvernstake Cannon. This will fire a direct missile to impale the monster and explode after few seconds. This is triggered by pressing PlayStation 4 Circle after two shelling attacks (Shooting two times) or hit Circle after an Overhead Slam combo.



  • Contains many unique traits of Lance
  • Capable of deliver massive damage with both the stab and shell attacks
  • As shell attack can be incorporated at any normal attacks, in the right hand, this open up combo fluidity
  • In the past, Gunlance also famous for the ability to target unique monster parts with its wide arc of explosion


  • Just as the Lance, this will need sometime to master the pace of attack is slow and will require proper ammunition management.
  • Sharpness reduce very quickly after each shots
  • Limit option in evasion moves
  • Almost all animation make the players open to attacks
  • As the explosion is very large, hunters will need to be cautious while playing online to avoid friendly fire situation

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If you already using the Lance and want some more spice, Gunlance is the perfect choice. While keeping many advantages of Lance, this weapon still manage to deliver several new feasts

Please note that Gunlance does have several types of “Shot Types” where your shell attack behave differently. Stay tune for an in-dept guide of this weapon!

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