Monster Hunter World Lance – The Tanker fighting the monster


Let’s welcome another classics to our list. Lance has been together with Monster Hunter since the beginning of this series. At a glance, this weapon seem to lack the coolness and complex moveset. And the only thing you do is thrusting all day. With some small tweak, Monster Hunter World Lance return with all it’s glory while offer new abilities to mix things up.

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Monster Hunter World Lance
Another classic weapon of Monster Hunter series

However, turn out simplicity is also a key to victory, Lance can provide a very high damage if your positioning and attacks are on point. Combine that with the trusty shield which cover almost all your body, you have the tools to stand in the front line why “poking” that angry monsters.

Did you know that upcoming Final Fantasy XV will need a Lance character serving as a “tanker” class?


This weapon can easily get overlook by new player for a reason – there are not much eye candy in it’s moveset. Both Playstation 4 Triangleand PlayStation 4 Circle attack are consist of three thrust, while Triangle is mid thrust and Circle is up ward thrust. This has been the bread & butter of Lance since the beginning.

You can do a swipe attack by hitting Triangle & Square at the same time, thus this is not the strong point of lance.

Moves Lnace.png
Thrust, Thrust and Thrust

Using R2 will raise your guard up, and you can also attack while raising guard making this weapon and their brother – Gun Lance the only weapon that has this ability.

Another skill is the counter attack when raising guard. During this stance, if the monster attack, you will counter back with an upward thrust.

Till now, it seem Lance is the perfect weapon for hunter who like tanking the monster. And just like other tanker, Charge is also an attack for Lance, by hitting both Triangle & Square when , you will hold your shield up and run forward using your Lance.

During this charging animation, hitting PlayStation 4 Circle will make the hunter jump forward. If this attack landed, the wielder can mount the monster and unleash the fury.

Finally, dodging why using Lance consist of dashing around and small hop forward, which has been used by many experienced hunters as a mean to unleash endless combo (thrusts to be exact)



  • Deal considerable damage despite the simplicity in moves
  • The defense coming from the weapon is one of the best in game
  • Able to tanking the monster at close distance
  • Easy to target certain parts of monsters thanks to the thrusts
  • The charge attack is multi hits, open chances for stacking effects


  • Slow in movement and attacks speed.
  • Yeah, simplicity in moves is a sin too.
  • You can feel the weight of the lance just by control it, very trouble some to use the lance if you are not used to it’s moveset.


If you are looking for some beefy defense, then Lance is your best choice. While heavy and difficult to control, this huge weapon offer the formidable strength of a wall – literally. It can make the attack from that huge monsters become a scratch (Just some monsters of course, don’t jump in and tanking a dragon alone bro) Surely Lance will get it’s place in the upcoming days as the Final Fantasy XV collaboration is at it’s door.