So Monster Hunter World is coming to PC on August 9. After stepping it’s foot back to PlayStation. It’s been 13 years since this series make it debut on PS2 at 2004 as well. As the hunt is about to begin (for PC players) the first thing we need to do is – of course, sharpening our weapons. This is my first post for Monster Hunter Weapons series (back when it’s first released) covering Monster Hunter World Great Sword – The Classic of classic.

New to Monster Hunter World? Here are some tips to get you started:

Monster Hunter: World Hunting 101

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171212000155
Look at the side of that thing! – That’s what she said…

Monster Hunter Great Sword – The Trusted Companion


Appear in the very first Monster Hunter title, despite it’s slowness and lack of mobility, this weapon never fail to amaze the hunters when it come to damage.

Monster Hunter World Great Sword
One of the first weapons in Monster Hunters series

With the appearance that suit perfectly for monster slaying, this weapon appear in every Monster Hunter titles till now and is one of the most iconic sign of the series.


I do not own any ownership to the video below – this is the introduction video of official MHW channel on Youtube.

Until now the move set of Great Sword has evolve drastically, however, it’s still keep all of the old animation in the beginning with the charge mechanic first introduce in Monster Hunter 2.

Great Sword moves.png

The basic attack of the Great Sword contains a Vertical Slash and a wide arc slash which most can be linked together as a combo. Each hit is chargeable to three levels

However, this does require proper timing to unleash full potential of these charge attack, if you hold down the charge for too long, it will result in an overcharge, where the final charge attack is equal to the second charge level


However, if you manage to time correctly, you will execute the Great Sword new moves in Monster Hunter World- the True Charged Slash – a powerful two vertical slashes.

Another new update to the Great Sword is the Tackle ability, where you can hit PlayStation 4 Circle during the charging animation. This is to cancel out the attack. This sound simple at first, but in combat focus video games, the term “Cancelling” never equal simplicity.

This Tackle can be used to exit out of a charge attack when you feel that it will not result in the way you want. This can either be missing the right time or being attacked by the monster. You can also quickly move to the third charge slash to enter the True Charged Slash by using this new ability.

Did you know that Monster Hunter Great Sword can block attack too? Of course it will not be as effective as a Shield, but it’s does help to quickly have some defense against that Anjanath tail swipe.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171212000319
Holding R2 will enter Guarding Stance with the blade as your shield.



  • The Damage output is one of a kind
  • Able to block monster with it’s blade
  • Excellence weapon for hit & run tactic (more like hit & roll)
  • Long reach
  • Chargeable attack where you can plan your next attack accordingly
  • Good weapon to clear small monsters
  • Monster will be more likely to flinch when hit by a charge attack.


  • Require skill to master, you can not just rely on it’s damage and swing that huge iron around.
  • Slow movement when drawn and attacking
  • Blocking with the blade will reduce its sharpness quickly
  • Need proper timing to unleash that bread & butter charge attack


At first look, this weapon may look dull and too slow for new player, but this weapon does require certain skill to be able to master. But when you are becoming more familiar with this weapon, this will be one of the most deadly weapon in your arsenal – But be careful not to swipe out your companion with the wide swing!

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