It’s been a while since the first beta of Monster Hunter World come to PS4 gamer. However, three days seem to be not enough for our hunters and for slaying all the monsters while trying out all the weapons. With that in mind, CAPCOM give us a second beta – this time does not require suscription of Playstation Plus.

This beta already start from 22nd till 26 Dec. For those who haven’t had a chance to experience MHW in the last beta, Here is a quick overview on the weapons in this demo.


Monster Hunter World is giving our beloved Playstation 4 a new breeze, return to the origin of the series (Since the first Monster Hunter on PS2 in 2004) While adapting many new features of current-gen games, MHW still keep the core gameplay that make the series become famous – The Battle/ Hunting System.

Today we will take an overview look at 15 (14 to be exact by merging Light & Heavy Bowgun) weapon types in the game world. All these weapons can be access right away in the beta and can be changed at any time during the mission by accesing the item box.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171212000123
14 Weapons lie in wait in the inventory


One of the most overused weapon in video games history 🙂 especially RPG games, this type of weapon is also one of the signature weapon of Monster Hunter. This time in MHW, it’s still keeping the same trait – slow but powerful strikes, and each strike can be charged by holding the triangle. This can make the most fearful monster flinch when seeing you.


The basic old style combo for warrior, one for protection, one for attacking. With MHW, this set of weapon is tone down a little, grant the hunter the ability to using item while drawing the weapon and the speed needed to doge the most deadly attack.


No more introduction is needed when you see dual sword (blades) in video games. As the symbol of speed and flashy, this type of weapon appear in almost every games require badassery 🙂 In MHW, beside the normal attack (which already quick and powerful) By hitting R2 you activate the “Demon Mode” where the attack speed is greatly enhanced and the move set is changed drastically, allow you to move like lighting while deliver flurry of slashes to the monster. However, you will need to manage the stamina bar while in this mode, if overused, you will become stunned and will be served as a dessert for the monsters.


A weapon taken inspire from Odachi, Spirit Blade in this beta is forged from Wyvern part. Beside the slashes and thrust, by hitting R2, the hunter will use energy store from each normal attack and unleash it. Using this resource wisely, you are able to deliver some powerful blows while keeping the safe distance with the monster (due to the reach of this weapon)


A weapon that remind us of Smough in Dark Soul, Hammer is straight up a power-focus weapon which sacrifice speed for powerful blows and capable of stunning monsters.


One of the most unique weapon in Monster Hunter, each strikes of the Hunting Horn will serve as a note in a predefine combination that once fulfilled, grant you and allies certain boost such as ATK up or HP up…


The most basic weapon of the knight, in MHW, combine this with the huge shield that protecting your entire body, Hunter using lance can land blows without fear of getting hit. If you are in a good mood, charging forward to protect allies is also an option 🙂


And after all weapon types is laid out, what left? Combining the weapons is the answer, one of the most unique trait of Monster hunter is the combination of weapon types, this result in many weapon types that you never think of. Gun Lance is one of them, while keeping the same old shield and lance, this weapon mix up the classic steel with some gunpowder. At the end of each strikes, you can fire up a huge explosion from the gun part of the lance (This does require bullet and reload timing)


Next we combine the great sword and an axe to result in this bad-ass weapon – The Switch Axe. As the name imply, this weapon main form is a great axe with slow but powerful attack (a little faster than the normal great sword) but after a certain charge, you can switch this Axe to a great sword and deliver powerful finisher.


A weapon come straight out of Power Rangers series, where you mix up the shield and the sword to another weapon 🙂 This time, the edge of the shield become the axe and you can switch between sword shield form to the great axe and unleashed elemental attack after charged. This weapon does require some management skills to effectively release the charge energy. Not for newbies alert!


One of the thing I noticed as the first time player is that Monster Hunter doesn’t allow us to jump. It seem this ability is consider “special” as you can only jump with Insect Glaive equipped. This weapon focus on aerial fighting and mobility, where you can jump, dash around the battlefield while delivering powerful attack with the help of the bug that gather special resource from the environment.

You can use the weapon to jump and dash like a ninja!


What is a hunter without a bow? One of the most ancient weapon of hunter, Bow in MHW include all basic attack of the bow – Single shot, multiple shot, volley shot & charge shot. You can also coat the arrow with several coating, each with their own effect and ability. This weapon is easy to use and consider one of the weapon for new player.


Of course, after the bow must come the gun, in Monster Hunter World, Bowgun is divided into two categories – Light & Heavy which are distingush by their speed. Each types come with several types of bullet which you can change on the go while fighting.



Ready for the next hunt?

Fourteen weapon type in just 3 days of beta is certainly not enough for the hunters around the world. I myself only used some of these: Charge Blade, Spirit Blade & Insect Glaive in the 1st beta, and currently testing out with Dual Blades, Switch Axe on the second beta (22 – 26 Dec for all PS gamer)

As the predecessor, MHW main focus is the freedom in styles when hunting monster. However, each weapons require some time to get used to and simply button mashing will result in certain “fainting” time.

What weapons are you using for this beta? Leave a comment and let me know your thought!



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