Pardon me if the title sound familiar, that the first thing I think of when draft up this 🙂 Now you guys are probably enjoying the beta before it’s finally end on 26 Dec. I believe this post is kind of late, but well, better late than never and may prove useful for some quick play and for players want to see all the monsters in this beta


These three can easily found on every news about Monster Hunter World Beta

Yes, that’s my first impression when playing MHW Beta also. At the beginning, you will see all three monsters as below:

– Great Jagras

– Barroth

– Anjanath

These monsters are the main objective of each mission, so you can simply follow the instruction, following the track and you can encounter them easily. All these monsters can also easily solo without the help of other hunters.

Solo Great Jagras with Dual Blades














Or occasionally team up with friends












Well, turn out there are always room for exploration and secret for every hunters, so CAPCOM did throw in several more monsters to the map, but they are not officially announced at any point.

So let’s take a look at all the monsters that can be located and fight in this beta.


Appear in the very same location with Great Jagras & Anjanat. Turn out this Wyvern type monster has a nest in this ancient forest. However this monster only appear on the third mission. You can easily found this guy by starting at Ancient Forest Camp.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171225023728
Ancient Forest Camp

Starting from this camp, jump to below tree bed and follow the tree way to the nest, there are chances you may see the monster right away, if not, continue follow the tree way to below cave. You can try restart the mission for the ease of finding this monter.










After found it, do whatever you like, please note that this guy is much stronger than the normal monster in the mission and will require some skills or even a team to defeat. You may end up like me…









Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171225030424
Jyuratodos – Enjoying the mud

Turn out the desert has some place for swimming. To locate this monster, start from Eastern Camp. From the camp, go straight forward, instead of going up to the surface, turn right to the lake and jump down, you will automatically swim through and resurface on another cave, follow the path outside until you see a swamp, our little friend are happily relaxing there

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171225025724
Start off at Eastern Camp






This monster is also an easy target, here is my take on this one





The final treat of the desert, a monster who name speak for itself, from my view, this monster is on par with Rathalos, if not stronger, his charge are very lethal, you can faint with just three charges from this guy.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171225031439
Diablos in it’s lair

To meet Mr. Diablos, start at the North East Camp. After start, go forward and make a swift right, you will see a path lead down, jump down and you will stand in front of it’s face.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171225031328
Diablo can easily be found near North East Camp



With just a three days beta, CAPCOM manage to put in several unique monsters for the hunter to take their time studying and hunting. I believe the when it’s finally came out, the number of monsters we take on will increase tremendously. For now, let just finish all these big bad boy first!

Which monsters have you slain? Did you encounter all these monsters? Drop a comment and let us know your thought





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