It’s been a week since the beta officially end. After joining and slay out the three monsters coming along with the beta. I will try to give out my thought as a first timer on this popular franchise, one of the most belove series of the Nitendo fan finally coming back to it’s origin – the Playstion family


This is the first time I experience Monster Hunter, however, with the goal of introducing this title to new players, Capcom know that this is the chance to expand this vast world to the real “World” so they include a lot of many basic stuff you often found in MMORPG genres from character creation to customizing the look of your hunter.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210102509
Character Creation – Include some face preset and basic things like gender. There are some intresting option like changing the lighting so you can see how your character look

One thing I noticed since many tease trailer is the mini side-kick that come with you during your journey, turn out they are called “Palico” – a creatures that has formed a pact with hunter to assist they in battle – in other word, a signature creature that can serve as fan service to both boy & girl gamer 🙂

In this beta, we can also have one of our own, although the customization for them is not much, it’s still serve as an all around treat for almost all players. Not sure if we will get more chances to customize these cutes warriors more in the main game.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210102605
A cat with three color fur seem to entertain me….


After finishing make up your self, you will be thrown directly to missions selection screen, which in the beta limit to three missions ranging from Beginers to Experts difficulties.

Not sure if this is how other MH games plays out, but everything seem to ready you to the hunt as soon as possible

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210102658
Missions come with some basic conditions like timi limit and basic information on collectable loot
Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210103016
Last check for equipment before departing!


After depart, you will be thrown directly to the mission and meet “The Handler” a cute girl that provide instruction and tips to start tracking the monster.

You spent some of the time to tracking the monster from clues left by their trail (footprint, scratches on trees…) Each time you found a hint, a bar will indicated how close the monster is. After a certain level, the magic trail will lead you to the monster directly. 

Along the way, you will encounter some small monster that inhabitat in the missions, these monsters are mostly friendly in the beta, but in numbers, they may prove a challenge.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210110813
Barroth – One of the monster in the beta

And we will come to the main event of this beta, fighting the big bad monster!

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210111045
Come on!


Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210111043
You can occasionally mount the monster if the positioning is right

As many Monster Hunter games before, there are no HP Bar for the monster, but the damage you done is visibly on screen, the monster will change the actions when it’s take enough damage, some may run, while other become more aggressive with more deadly attacks. 

For Barroth, after severly hurt, she will flee to a muddy area where she rests and try to recover. If you are fast enough, this will be the last place to finish this monster!

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210111851
Mission Completed! 


All mission in the beta following the same routine, you start the mission by collecting clue from the environment, tracked down the monster, and finish it under the time limit.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171210102658
Choose a mission, finish under time limit

This may sound repetitive to many people, even myself was not impress by this at first when hearing about Monster Hunter, but after playing Monster Hunter World Beta, I understand why this hook many players around the world to the tiny screen with some sub-par graphic (No offense Niten-bros)


A Hunter must need a weapon prior to anything else, and MHW Beta give us many weapons, maybe too many for just three days of demo 🙂 In this beta, you can freely switch weapons at the item box, and swap out armors to suit your need.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171212000123
The Beta come with all the weapons currently available – 15 types, which give every player a choice of their own. 

With the goal to give each players a chance to experience, weapons are ranging from some very straight forward types like Sword & Shield combo to some require an amount of skill to use effectively like Switch Blade or Sword Axe.

Some are straight forward

Others require some skills to master

Combine the weapons and their play styles – With only three missions, the beta manage to hook us up on a very addicting gameplay.

It wouldn’t be called Monster Hunter if the player is not a hunter themselves! Facing these badass monster does require a lot more than just a weapon (eventhough your arsenal of your weapons is already huge!)  The beta does introduce us to many of the MH series classic tool, ranging from basic RPG stuff like HP Potion and range weapon (inform of a slingshot) to cloak that enable you some special effect or whet stone to sharpening your weapon. Fighting in MHW is not straight forward button mashing but focusing on resource planning and know when to attack is the key to success.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171212233406
You will need to familiar with a lot of tools and items along the way


So three mission in three days (Dec 9 – Dec 12) Does this beta satisfy the long awaiting fans? The answer is absolutely no 🙂 With that in mind, CAPCOM just announced an upcoming beta, this time does not require a PS Plus suscription, good news for all players!

The Beta will start at Dec 22 and end on Dec 26. You can start preload it at Dec 18!

In the meantime, sharpening your blade and check out my next post for a quick look at all weapons available in the beta and some sweet monsters fighting footage!

Stay tune for more!







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