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Month: December 2017

Guide 11

Monster Hunter World – That’s an Anjanath, a man-eater monster… Let’s poke it.

Let’s welcome another classics to our list. Lance has been together with Monster Hunter since the beginning of this series. At a glance, this weapon seem to lack the coolness and complex moveset, you seem to only thrusting all day 🙂

Guide 9

Monster Hunter World – Give me the big gun!

As the hunt is about to begin, the first thing we need to do is of course, sharpen our weapons. This is my first post for the 14 posts series about Monster Hunter Weapons, with history of the weapon, first time apperance in other version, strenght & weakness… And how you can use them most effectively

Discussion 0

Monster Hunter World – Weapons

Monster Hunter World is giving our beloved Playstation 4 a new breeze, return to the origin of the series (Since the first Monster Hunter on PS2 in 2004) While adapting many new features of current-gen games, MHW still keep the core gameplay that make the series become famous – The Battle/ Hunting System.